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Morocco is a place of beauty. The land is very attractive. The beauty of the land is the one that attracts tourists to that place from all over the world. It covers both snow and sand. The Southern coast of Morocco converges into Western Sahara. The Western part is full of snow. There are the Atlas Mountains on that side of Morocco. Morocco has many of fertile plains and the Sahara desert can be seen at the edge of Anti Atlas.

Morocco has an exciting Travel Ideas. There are many exciting cities, the oldest is called, Fes.
Fes is the heart of Morocco. Morocco is also a place full of history and culture. The city of Marrakech is full of heritage and culture. The city of Marrakech was the former capital of Morocco. This city has much to offer for its tourists. If you want to explore this city, then the best season in which you can roam around with ease is the season of spring and autumn. This city keeps its visitors very busy.

The city of Marrakech has many to offer for children and adults. There are magicians on the street, acrobats and many snake charmers all around. You will find plenty of activities out there. This city is known well for its festivals and markets. If you visit this city in the days of Muslim festivals you will find the heritage and culture at its peak.

Another city of Rabat is another historical masterpiece. It has a big history and culture. The nature of Morocco is both Islamic and European. The lands of this city are very attractive.

Ait Benhaddou
Ait Benhaddou is the most exotic kasbahs in the entire Atlas area. In this city, you will find many sources of entertainment. There are many snake charmers, magicians, musicians, storytellers and much more. There are many open-air food stalls so you will never get hungry. Marrakesh has too much to offer, the great Hasan II Mosque. It has a historical aspect also; if you are interested in Roman history then you might see the Volubilis, the Roman Ruins.

There is a National Folklore Festival of Marrakesh, it is a ten-day event. You will find many “blue people” (the Taureg nomads) here on this event. When it comes to Independence Day, it is celebrated in November.


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