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At Zumpano Patricios, we have one mission: to provide the highest level of legal services for the benefit of our clients. To pursue this mission, we bring our values of trust, objectivity and commitment to our customers. We exist to aggressively represent our clients` interests, solve their problems and defend their positions through focused representation, careful judgment, as well as clarity and specificity of thought, action and communication. She has been practicing as a lawyer since 2005, Ms. Polat is still registered Turkish Bar Union and Bursa Bar Association, continues her legal services in Turkey in collaboration with Conker Law & Consultancy Office. ZP Consultancy Ltd, which she founded in London in 2016, provides management consulting services to entrepreneurs wishing to set up a business in the UK, while at Paradigm Solicitors LLP as a qualified Turkish lawyer, she also provides consulting services on Turkish law. Zip Legal Consults is ready to provide exceptionally excellent and quality legal advisory services, comparable to its competitors worldwide. We take a holistic approach to our service delivery objectives. We are always on time and on arrival. At the same time, we ensure the delivery of finished products with comparable global standards. Our network, both local and international, is a strong pillar that gives us a comparative advantage over our competitors. Similarly, we work with other professional service providers to deliver a complete package to our clients. We are part of the elite class of the Magic Quadrant for excellent services and innovative legal solutions.

Next settlement date April 20, 2023 no later than May 4, 2023 We have the complete vision and ability to execute our clients` instructions. Available until January 31, 2020. Next accounts due by October 31, 2021 We recognize and use talent diversity as a seed of strategic collaboration to deliver value to our clients and society. To this end, we consistently demonstrate a selfless commitment to working with others. At the end of the day, we have a personal responsibility to keep our promises and commitments. No excuses. We are highly qualified practitioners with a global perspective and motivated by creativity, dynamism and innovation. Next invoices issued no later than January 31, 2023 and due no later than October 31, 2023 For a full detailed analysis of each of these directors, click on one of the links below Zeynep Polat graduated from Ankara University`s Faculty of Law in 2003 and completed her Master`s degree in Business Law from Istanbul Bilgi University in 2010 with her thesis on fines for abuse of position dominant in competition law. She is also a Turkish trademark and patent lawyer. Turkey offers a quick way to acquire a second passport in a few months to make investments starting at $250,000.

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