10 Different Types of Drivers You’ll Find on the Streets of Miami


If you live in Miami, you already know how bad the traffic can be. However, if you are planning a visit, you may be shocked to learn about the different types of drivers in Miami that you will find.

Unfortunately, the majority of notable drivers are not noted for their good or generous qualities while behind the wheel. Get to know more about the drivers you will find on the streets of Miami. These are the types of drivers I encountered during my trip:

1. The “Grandma” or “Grandpa” Driver

One of the first things you should understand is that just because this type of driver is labeled as a “Grandma” or “Grandpa,” it doesn’t mean they are old. In fact, the opposite is often true.

However, you will know you have encountered this driver on the streets of Miami if they are driving 10 miles per hour (or more) below the speed limit and taking a painfully long time to make a turn.

You will also be able to tell you have found one of these drivers if their blinker remains on for miles and if they seem to ride the brakes. Your best bet is going to be to get as far away as possible if you can.

2. Mister or Miss Nice Guy (or Gal)

This type of driver doesn’t sound so horrible, right? Unfortunately, when you encounter one of these individuals they can make your 30-minute commute turn into a much longer and more frustrating drive.

How do you know you have encountered this type of driver? They are the ones who are constantly allowing someone else to pull in front of them or letting everyone else go first.

While this may be nice behavior from time to time, in rush hour traffic in Miami, all it’s going to do is cause more delays for drivers behind them.

3. Drivers Glued to their Cellphones

Let’s face it, there isn’t anything on your phone that can’t wait for you to arrive at your destination. While there may be a super-funny cat video trending that you don’t want to miss, not only is looking at your cell phone annoying for other drivers, but it can cause a number of safety issues and possibly wrecks.

4. The Angry Pick-Up Truck Drivers

You have likely encountered one or two of these individuals while traveling the roads of Miami. These are the individuals who are extremely prone to road rage.

They will usually be found in the fast lanes, passing everyone they can. And, if they encounter a slow-moving vehicle they are unable to pass, there are likely a few unpleasant words and hand gestures sent the other driver’s direction.

5. The Driver Who Loves to Race

This driver has to go as fast as possible and they also seem to enjoy slamming on their brakes. In most cases, their vehicles will have a noise, souped-up exhaust, as well as flashy wheels and rims.

Being a passenger in these vehicles can be extremely stressful and these are the drivers who would love to drive a Lambo or Ferrari, but they don’t have the bank, so they have settled for a low-end Mercedes or BMW.

6. People Who Cut the Corner when Making a Left Turn

Have you ever been sitting at a stop sign and literally had to back up to avoid being hit by someone making a left-hand turn? Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common occurrence on the streets of Miami.

Unfortunately, this can result in serious vehicle damage — to both vehicles — if this happens. Try not to be this type of driver, as you will be hated and mocked by the masses.

7. The Traffic Weavers

Due to the fact that traffic on the roads of Miami often comes to a standstill, you will encounter more than a few drivers who are weaving in and out of traffic. This is not only annoying, but it can be extremely dangerous.

No one really knows where they need to go so quickly; however, their habits can be extremely dangerous. These individuals also spend a lot of their driving time speeding.

8. The Driver Who is Still Learning

When you encounter a learner on the roads of Miami, they are going to be extremely cautious and slow. In most cases, they are likely the only person on the road who is still following the rules of the road.

These drivers tend to always signal properly and when they approach junctions, they do so with care. These individuals also proceed slowly and never go over the speed limit. While this is good that they are driving safely, they can also cause some backups on the road, which can be extremely annoying for those who are pressed for time.

9. Drivers Who Fail to Use Turn Signals

When it comes to driving, one of the most annoying behaviors is failing to use turn signals. When this happens, it can cause the real potential for an accident, which is only going to frustrate those behind these uncourteous drivers.

Don’t be this driver — especially on the roads of Miami. Not only are you going to anger many others, but you may be putting yourself at risk for being involved in an accident, which could result in serious damages and injuries.

10. Mr. or Mrs. I Own the Road

These are the drivers who hog their lane and will change lanes rather abruptly without giving a thought to anyone else who may be driving on the road. They believe they are the center of the universe, and it is clear they are going to be driving with this attitude.

If you are driving on the roads of Miami, don’t be one of these annoying and potentially dangerous drivers. If you exhibit any of the above behaviors, try to make some changes. This will make it easier for everyone on the roads, help prevent accidents and ensure you aren’t at the receiving end of some choice words or nasty hand gestures.


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