Remote Work; Altering The Landscape of Tech

Remote Work

Remote work, if we look back at the time, then the mere thought of it was considered something bizarre or prohibited. No one was willing to accept the remote work. The reason behind this is simple, companies do not believe in the potential of it. They were afraid that it would lead them to a complete disaster, as it is the key to unlocking the unproductive side of the employees.

The unfavorable history concerning remote work would give you a headache. But Destiny has a witty sense of humor. This greatly affected this side of the industry. When the pandemic happened. It compelled the organizations to utilize the seemingly forbidden practice. That turned out to be a breakthrough in tech and work in a whole new dimension.

The remote work at first seemed like a challenging task, and it was true to some extent. But all thanks to the technology, it has saved us in the hard time. And made the daunting task of working from home a breeze.

Steering Remote Work in the Tech Industry

Let’s take a glance at how we navigate through the maze, by utilizing tech paths.


Communication! Communication! Communication! We can’t emphasize enough how important communication is. If communication is regarded as a key, then for remote work, it is the whole treasure trove itself. It is communication that serves as a driving fuel to push forward the baggage of remote work.

Some notable platforms that served as the lifeline to keep the employers and workers on the same page. Some are briefly highlighted below.


Zoom is the platform that has been used widely in connecting people who are bound by limitations. It served as a medium for them to work and collaborate on various projects. As it enables the users to do virtual meetings and video calls. It provides you with a virtual whiteboard as well to brainstorm unique ideas.

Moreover, it allows breakout rooms that let the workers split into small groups and increase their productivity.


Slack has been a popular choice among workers to communicate and share thoughts and ideas via direct messaging. It also allows me to share valuable documents with colleagues. Along with gifts and heartwarming emojis to keep the situation light and refreshing.


It is an innovative app that helps the whole team to convey a lot of tasks. As it provides you with boards, cards, and lists that can be allotted to certain individuals or teams. As a reminder of work and tasks deadlines. Moreover, it assists in keeping an eye on the overall progress of your tasks, and analysis.

Google Drive And Dropbox

Another need that arises after getting connected is to have an ample amount of storage. And that requirement is fulfilled by Google Drive and Dropbox. These are akin to cloud storage. And allows you to save your valuable docs and images in it.

Moreover, it lets you share your documents with the workers. Also, allows you to access them from anywhere in the world.

Perks And Challenges of Remote Work

All that glitter is not gold. And if you think that remote work comes with all just benefits then you are right, but here are some complimentary things that you might not like. But I have to adjust with it. Because nothing comes for free. Even if in exchange it demands your mental toll.

Comfy Space

Who wouldn’t want to work from home? As it lets you work from the comfort of your house. The ease and the convenience are unmatchable. Working from home is an amazing opportunity for women especially. As they have to manage their work life and personal life as well.

From maintaining a routine of household chores to office work. They get a proper time to manage stuff efficiently. It also lets you take breaks in between to stream your favorite content. During the pandemic, platforms like Hulu took the world by storm. And many employees from across the globe took advantage of it.

It is still widely used in many regions despite restrictions, like, Hulu in UK and Canada. If streaming and working simultaneously is not what you call a perk, then we don’t know what else can satisfy you!


Another benefit of remote work is that it has provided a wide array of talented workers to employers. As they have the freedom to hire workers. Therefore, they have the edge to hire the most skillful employees from around the world.

As for employees, they are getting the advantage simultaneously because it will provide them with the ease to work from home.

Increased Productivity

When employees are provided with a comfortable ambiance. And have a sense of freedom, they will naturally tend to feel relaxed at work. And when you feel comfy, your productivity and efficiency at work will automatically boost.

Social Isolation

The downside that comes along with remote work is that people become habitual in staying at home. It will greatly harm their ability to interact with people viz-a-viz. This will drag them to the pit of isolation. And ultimately start to influence their mental health.

Wrapping Up

As far as remote work is concerned, then the overall pros of it are having an upper hand on its cons. Therefore, we can say that remote work is truly revolutionary and its practice would boost performance.

While having a positive impact on the well-being of employees as well as giving productive outcomes to employers.


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