Promoting Sustainability through Custom Presentation Boxes


According to the recent market snapshot, it has been reported that sustainable packaging is growing at the rate of “CAGR 7.62% during the forecast period of 2023 to 2032.” businesses have always paid string heed in generating valuable profit but now the narrative has been changed and the whole world has converged onto sustainable means. Keeping all the concerns whether it’s about customers, environment manufacturers have designed custom presentation boxes using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. This way they are satisfying both the planet Earth and the customer’s persona.

The market has been hyped up in recent years using sustainable practices therefore it has become competitive to make your position strong. In this regard, some material choices have been highlighted which are highly effective in projecting the right kind of printing technology. If you are interested in exploring more then you must give a thorough read to this blog. Here you are!

What Presentation Boxes Are ?

Presentation boxes are durable boxes that are used to present delicate and fragile items like jewelry, cosmetics, and accessories. They come in various styles, shapes, and sizes but also provide you the flexibility to customize the requirements. You can do it by finding efficient and highly professional experts who will bring life to your ideas. If you want to send some orders to your customer then these boxes are quite durable to ship the items safely and securely to their destinations.

Sustainability vs. Packaging Boxes

So, what comes to your mind when you hear the word sustainability? Of course, it sounds like some sort of scientific one. Yes, sustainability is all about supporting ecological, human, and economic vitality. So meeting the world and people’s requirements by maintaining all the other factors at a perfect rate sounds pleasant to you.

Gorgeous Cosmetic Boxes

Therefore manufacturers and packaging industries have taken a bold step and have integrated this practice into their custom printed phone case boxes to promote a sustainable culture across the globe. Magically it has driven better and effective results that are worth considering.

Sustainable material used

Let’s delve a bit deeper into the material that is used in the manufacturing of presentation boxes. Here is a list of some refined and durable materials that make the presentation more effective and reliable.

  • Kraft Boxes : The boxes that are designed from Kraft material are super efficient and durable enough to withstand any external exposure. Kraft paper is a natural, recycled, and bleached-free material. It gives an organic, rusty, and aesthetic touch to the packaging boxes.
  • Corrugated Cardboard : The most commonly used material for manufacturing phone case boxes wholesale is corrugated cardboard.
  1. Single face paper consists of one piece of fluting and one piece of liner paper.
  2. Single wall corrugated with three layers two pieces of liner and one piece of flute.
  3. Four layers of corrugated two-liners and two fluting.
  4. Double-walled corrugated two pieces of fluting board and three pieces of liners.
  • Rigid Stock : Rigid stock is also the most popular and sturdy material that is used for making wholesale custom presentation boxes. Ranging from 0.5mm to 4.0 mm it’s the core material for making gift boxes more prominent. With rigid stock, you can confidently speak about your boxes that are sturdy enough to provide maximum strength.

Designing Different Types of Boxes

Now the next step comes about imprinting the design and making it more catchy to captivate the audience. Here are some little decorative options that you can use to make the packaging more effective and bold.

  • Foiled Boxes : Using the metallic foil on custom printed presentation boxes can enhance the visuals. You can use a copper or magnesium-based die to impart a classy finish.
  • Embossed Boxes : In this embossing the magnesium and copper die pushes the paper to an outward direction and raises an impression on the boxes.
  • Debossed Boxes : In the process of debossing, the magnesium and copper dies will act oppositely and push the paper in an inward direction.
  • Coated Boxes : There are a variety of coatings that can be projected onto the boxes and impart a decent and enhanced finish. Some of the most used coatings are mentioned below
  1. Paper coating
  2. Silkscreen
  3. Clay
  4. Aqueous
  5. Matte
  6. Gloss
  7. Super matte
  8. Super gloss

Save the Planet and Serve the Best!

Using all the discussed materials in custom presentation boxes not only promotes a sustainable culture but is also effective for impactful and enhanced branding. As a business, if you will select these options for your products then you will be able to foster a positive impression of your brand among the audience. Therefore, you must consider the worth and embrace the eco-friendly options to embark on the journey of more greener and responsible future. Save the planet and contribute to the environment so you may save your future generation.


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