Why should people sitting in the middle of the plane should be given room to hand?

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It is one of the most difficult situations in the plane to handle a hand. The rule of thumb for this is simple, leave room for the middle man!

A standard seat of the aircraft has 3 chairs and 4 seats for the hand. However, if you are a regular on the flight, witnessing side guests “occupying” two places to put their hands and the middle man has nothing. Many people who lay hands down first obviously enjoy this benefit. You can also express goodwill by giving way to more worthy people.

Travel penist Sebastian Modak (American) said he usually prioritized seating along the way when booking. “I feel sorry for people who will be sitting in the middle and willing to give up a place to lay their hands so they can feel a little more comfortable,” Modak said.

On wide-body aircraft such as Boeing's Dreamliner, there is a small room that is disguised as a small cabinet if viewed from outside.
On wide-body aircraft such as Boeing’s Dreamliner, there is a small room that is disguised as a small cabinet if viewed from outside.

The middle person should have also place to put their hands. People sitting by the window can lean against the wall, the person sitting next to the walkway has a larger space and can at least stretch out one leg. The person sitting in the middle has nothing but a cramped and uncomfortable time. Therefore, at least give them a comfortable arm rest. ”

Meg Reinhardt, cntraveler.com editor , said: “I will try to avoid the middle seat at all costs. Who wants to risk having two uncomfortable companions? I would choose a chair by the window to at least have a comfortable side. With the guests sitting in the middle, they should enjoy the favor is two seats to hand. That helps create limits and privacy for people sitting in the middle. Be kind to your companion, especially those who are unlucky in the middle seat. ”

Katherine LaGrave, cntraveler.com editor ,said that this was a matter of agreement between the passengers. If a child is sitting in the middle, the person sitting next to the window with his hands are bandaged, obviously can not follow the rules of censure. She added: “Even in other cases, I think the hand is wide enough to share. The middle seat may be preferred, but that does not mean you can not put your elbows at the end. ”

According to Betsy Blumenthal, another cntraveler.com editor, whoever hands down first obviously has the right to use it. Sometimes, you have to take advantage of people sitting next to the move to “occupy space”, but not everyone sitting in the middle also use them.

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