Why Amount & Type of Cooking Oil matters for your Health?


Cooking in Indian kitchens cannot go without oil where the culture of baking and steamed food is yet to take the lead as a preferred way of cooking. However, in every kitchen with aware cooks, we keep on hearing the slogan “use less oil” or “no oily foods, please.” So, why is it so important to use less oil or choose only the best quality of oil? How oil affects our health? Clarity on these questions might motivate us to take better care of our health and encourage to be cautious while using oil.

If you love deep fried foods and do not control your hands while pouring oil for cooking, here are some important information for you.

How oily foods affects your body?

• Food rich in oil harm our body organs in many ways that get reflected with some symptoms.

Skin Problems & Acne: The acne on your face might be the result of excess oil you consume. Oily food makes your skin oilier which activates the oil gland on your skin resulting in acne and pimples.

Affects the Liver Function: The function of the liver is to process the fat present in the blood. Excess fat and calories overload the liver which results in the accumulation of fat in the liver cells. It not only deteriorates the function of the liver and its health but it also badly affects the digestive system. Other internal organs also get affected.

Headaches: Your persistent migraine can be the result of tasty fried foods you would have been consuming. Oil can change the size of blood vessels in the brain and hence affects the chemistry of brain. This condition can lead to migraine.

Memory Problems: Fat accumulation can directly affect your memory and ability to recall things. Oil increases insulin resistance and glucose accumulation in the blood. Glucose is not used properly which directly affects the memory. Further, an increased level of LDL cholesterol makes the brain lousy. This is one strong reason why you should stop consuming too much of oily things.

Loads the Gall Bladder: The function of the gallbladder is to send bile juice to the gut for digestion of fatty food. When you consume a lot of fat, it puts pressure on the gall bladder and still a lot of fat remains undigested. This results in diarrhoea and other digestive problems.

Though you get relief from the symptoms by taking medicines, the problem can become chronic if not addressed properly. So, consume less oil and get treated for your GI disorders. You can buy OTC medicines online for easy home delivery.

Increases Cholesterol Level: No matter what brand of oil you consume, saturated fats are present in all of them. These cholesterols settle in the arteries to form plaque which causes a serious threat to your heart. Oily food invites high blood pressure and a number of cardiovascular diseases.

Laziness & Obesity: Excessive fat accumulation obviously makes you overweight and lazy. Both the conditions support each other and it becomes a vicious cycle. Taking any weight reduction pill from any online pharmacy store will not help unless you cut down your oil intake and indulge in some physical activity.

What is the best way of Consuming Oil?

You should have information about the composition of oil before you make a decision on buying them. Every oil contains Polyunsaturated fat or PUFA, Monounsaturated fat or MUFA and Saturated fats. While PUFA and MUFA are good, saturated fats cause all the evil to our body. When you are selecting an oil, make sure to check for the composition of these three components in the oil and buy one which has least saturated fat as the ingredient.

Some Tips on the Usage of Oil:

• Make sure you are not using more than 3 to 4 spoons of oil in a day including everything you eat since morning to night. If you are already suffering from any heart condition or having any digestive problem, your consumption should even be less than 3 spoons per day.

• Do not use the left-over oil after frying anything. It creates peroxides acid, attacks organ cells, increases cholesterol and can be cancerous too.

• Switch to baking, steaming, and grilling of food which preserves the nutritional value of the food items while keeping you away from slipping into the ill-effects of oil.

• Most importantly, keep changing the cooking oil every three months. Every oil contains saturated fat but if you switch to different oils, the amount you consume will vary and your intake will not be much consistent. Even dieticians and doctors suggest trying different oils for eating.

Your health and the health of your family depends on small little things we can manage easily. So, far it is oil, you have now enough information to choose the right type and amount of oil. If you have any specific health condition, then talk to your dietician about choosing the right kind of oil for yourself.

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