When the beta version of iOS 12 released?


In the last few days, internet forums have been flooded with users’ questions from those are interested in finding out when they will eventually get an opportunity to try iOS 12 and MacOS. Here’s the answer …

After each presentation, users and journalists expect a day when they will be able to try out all innovations. The only problem is that after each June WWDC enters a “beta period”, and new systems are released only in September.

It’s the same as when in the middle of the summer you find out what your Christmas present is.

Of course, many users who, without thinking, accept all the risks of the beta, so that they can try out the new system as soon as possible. We say about the risks, because the beta versions of the system are actually trial versions and can contain significant problems that are difficult to obviate in everyday use. Therefore, we recommend that anyone who decides to install the beta version 1) know exactly what they are doing and 2) have the courage to take the risk.

There are two types of beta versions. The first and the earliest version is for developers, so you need an appropriate account (which, of course, is not free). The second and a little later version, open to a larger number of users, is a public beta version.

MacOS and iOS 12 systems are currently only available in the beta for developers. We believe that most of you are wondering when the public version will arrive, because you can hardly wait for it to try it out.

We do not even know the exact date of its release and we will have to wait together for Apple’s official announcement to find out. However, based on previous years, we can present our forecast.

  • WWDC June 8, 2015: iOS 9 and MacOS El Capitan public beta version – July 9th
  • WWDC June 13, 2016: iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra Public Beta Version – July 7
  • WWDC June 5, 2017: iOS 11 public beta version – June 26; macOS High Sierra public beta version – July 29 (it was released later due to some issues during the launch)

In short, in 2015, it passed 31 days between WWDC and the launch of a public beta, in 2016, only 24 days, and in 2017, only three weeks. When we take the average value from the previous three years, we can conclude that the public beta version of iOS 12 and the MacOS of Mojave will be published:

June 29th.

We urge anyone who eagerly awaits the arrival of the beta version then start preparing in time by creating a backup.


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