What you should to do when if pan card is not received in India?

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Do you own a PAN card or looking for a new pan card? In India, holding a PAN card is now mandate for various financial transactions and other reasons. If you do not have, you can easily apply online. If you have already applied and still not received the card at your home, you need to know the next step. Along with this, you need to know all the possible ways to track the status of your PAN if it is not delivered on time at your doorstep. Here is a detailed guide on what to do if you have not received pan card at home, how to track it and ways to get the pan card at your home.

Before you know ways to track your PAN card, you need to remember that it may take between 15 to 50 days for a PAN card to be dispatched to the applicant’s home. Ensure that the application of the card is received by the NSDL and frequently check the application status to know the actual status of the PAN card. Even if you have not received the PAN card after waiting for the set specific time, you need to track the status of the PAN through online. For this, find the acknowledgement number, visit the official website or go to PAN Card tracking status website and input the acknowledge number. You will get the current status of the card. This is applicable for both online and offline application of the PAN card.

Possible ways to know the status and reason for APN card delay in delivery

Regularly keep checking the status of the application. There are several reasons when NSDL reject the online pan application if the details are not valid. In case of rejection, the reason will be displayed when you check the status. This will also help you to take corrective action once you notice a case of rejection or other reasons for the delay.

You can send e-mail to NSDL to get the details on your application for the pan card. In this, provide your acknowledgement number, contact details and your query. In this e-mail, send a formal request for the status and grievance if any. You will get revert with proper solution from NSDL department regarding your PAN status and application.

Reach customer care for the quick response of the delay in PAN card delivery. Customer support executives provide great help in finding the actual reason for the delay. They also help to find the solution to get the problem resolved.

In case you do not have an acknowledgement number, it is easy to track the PAN card status using last name, first name, date of birth and other details over the NSDL tracking status link. Once the status is tracked, you will find the Article number of the Indian Speed Post along with the PAN number and another status. Also, when you get the article number, you can also track your card using the Indian speed post tracking link.

Usually, people face issues like pan card not received, returned undelivered, details mismatch or wrong details on PAN card. No matter what type of problem you face, it is easy to launch complaint or grievance to the concerned department. Once the complaint is launched, you can get it resolved quickly.

If you notice a delay in receiving your PAN card at your home once the specified time is crossed, it is best to follow the most feasible way to track your application and reason for the delay in delivery of the card. Along with this, you can also take help from experts at Alankit to follow the reason for the delay in your PAN card.


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