What to Do When a Camera is Detected in the Hotel Room?


The worst thing about renting a hotel is not an unpalatable breakfast, bad mattress, it’s when you find a hidden camcorder in your room.

Whether you rent a room alone or with your family no one wants to monitor the private moments.

It would be bad if the images were recorded and distributed online.

Therefore, one of the top tips that travel experts advise visitors to search for hidden cameras when entering to  the room.

How to Detect a Sneaky Camera?

There are three ways to detect hidden cameras: radio frequency (RF) scanning, lens detection by phone and direct search.

You can buy radio frequency scanning equipment at an affordable prices from the market today. If you travel often and rent hotels frequently, you should buy one to protect your privacy.

You can also use your phone’s camera to detect hidden cameras by turning on the video recording mode. Then put the phone around the room, if there is a flashing light spots it proves that a camera is hidden inside the room.

However, there are no methods that give you exactly the right results, so you need to combine both direct search for the best results.

Where to Find Hidden Cameras?

Normally, the bad guys want to record the entire image/video of the room, so they will place the camera in the direction of the wide, less obscured.

You should pay attention to wall mirrors, wall paintings, watches, air conditioning angles, vases to the table, opposite side of the desk and hanging TV wall too.

In particular, today’s rotating devices have a compact, sophisticated design. They are hidden in some other objects so you need to find the most common items.

If an item is still in its original position even if the room is cleaned, it may be stored inside.

What to do if the Sneaky Camera is Detected?

This is not what the visitors want, but unfortunately if sneaky camera is detected in the room, you should notify the hotel management, local police and recommend to change to another room.

In case of any reason that this requirement is not met, you can use a larger object to guard the camera’s view.

If the camera on the table under the book,  under the pillow, inside a bag or if the camera is on the ceiling or on the wall, use a black adhesive tape.

Note:It is not always wise to check the camera.

In some countries such as Russia, China, and Korea setting up hidden cameras can be one of many political security controls.


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