What is the meaning of your favorite color according to psychology?

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A study called “Color Psychology” has shown that certain colors can represent various aspects of our personality. While more research is still needed, it is nonetheless interesting to learn a little more about our most dominant personality traits . What if your favorite color could tell you more about your personality?

In psychology , there are 10 basic predominant colors for testing: red, orange, pink, purple, yellow, black, brown, blue, green, and white.

However, please note that this test is a general guide, but you might not identify with all of the personality traits listed in your preferred color. You can also have two favorite colors and thus combine the personality traits of both to create a more accurate representation of yourself.

Find out what your favorite color can say about you:


Three important points: balance, hope and peace. You are a modest and warm person, and you are also a gentle, sincere and down to earth person.

On the heart side, you feel the need to feel accepted, to love and to be loved.


If your favorite color is blue, then most likely you are a creative person with a great imagination, but you also need inner peace.

You are also a gentle and calm person by nature, you tend to be compassionate, patient and loyal. You also need to know what other people think of you.


You are cheerful, optimistic by nature and have a strong sense of humor . But you also have a wise, caring, warm side and you like to learn and share new knowledge.


You are free-spirited, people tend to find you carefree, good-natured, but very tolerant. You are also known to be a social butterfly.

Yellow Lemon

But sometimes you can be seen as an introvert. You also appreciate a little solitude to find yourself alone with your emotions.


Red Rose

Red is the color of strength, of passion, but also of health. You radiate, you have a beautiful energy that those around you feel. You are full of energy and love action. However, at times you can come across as a bit blunt and distant.


If your favorite color is black, then you are definitely someone of mystery and a quiet force. Intelligence, power, independence and control are some of your main character traits.

You are appreciated for your reliability and responsibility, but you are nonetheless reserved when it comes to your personal life.


You are a loyal, honest and patient person. Those around you see you as reliable, kind and stable. You still need to feel safe, though.

Your friends consider you a caring and very generous person.


You are warm and approachable by nature, but you tend to put the needs of others before your own, which could be detrimental to you. You are also charming, kind and gentle.



You are particularly ambitious and enjoy setting high goals for yourself. You appreciate the peace and harmony around you. Very helpful and friendly, you are also very creative and thorough.


You are positive and optimistic by nature and prefer a simple life. You have the purity and innocence of a child. You like to make decisions based on real facts, not your emotions.

Organized and logical, however, you sometimes tend to want to be a perfectionist and be very critical of yourself.


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