What Happens When You Stop Smoking and Start Vaping


It’s hard to exaggerate the dangers of smoking. About 500,000 people in the US die every decade over tobacco-related diseases. Although there are various different methods that can help smokers wean off the habit such as gum, lozenges, and nicotine patches. However vaping has helped a couple of people quit smoking.

Why Quit

With a vape, you can reduce your nicotine levels slowly but you can’t achieve this overnight. This allows your body to wean itself off nicotine at its own pace. When you vape you’ll find that the desire to puff a cigarette disappears completely overtime. It takes time and it can be difficult at first.

Vaping helps you ingest the amount of nicotine your body has been used to, without any other added toxins. It gives you more control over the amount of nicotine you put in your body and in the long run help your body get over the nicotine addiction


A couple People avoid vaping with the thoughts that it will impair them just as smoking.

If you’ve ever thought of withdrawing smoking and begin vaping with Best portable Vaporizer that’s great.  There are always termination symptoms just like any other drug cigarettes among them. Vaping will assist lessen the signs but you’ll certainly feel some changes.

However, if you want to have a successful transition, you should be ready and aware of what will happen when you stop smoking and begin vaping.

Therefore, when you quit smoking and start vaping, you’ll face the followings:

  • A period of coughing

When you stop smoking and start vaping you’ll definitely experience a little cough based on how much you smoke. All that said, you’re probably going to experience increased coughing, however, this is not something to worry about. As you cough, your body is getting rid of toxins in the tar that has been picking up steam with every pack of cigarette that you’ve ever bought. The more you smoke, the more the tar. This means that if you’re a heavy smoker you are going to cough more.

Vaping doesn’t deliver tar in your lungs, however it might expand your hacking during this period. This is simply because your lungs will be touchy while you’re stopping and discharging those bothersome toxins. Vaping will, in any case, bend your inclination for nicotine, which will expand your chances of kicking cigarettes.

  • Irritable with headaches and shakes

Nicotine withdrawal is a typical wellspring of regular headaches, unstable hands, and striking fractiousness. Numerous individuals experience increased degrees of nervousness and pressure, prompting a by and large undesirable temperament.

This won’t keep going forever however, and is likely possibly to happen when you are wanting nicotine. The migraines, however, will come when they need to. This is an aftereffect of the way that your body has been reliant on nicotine for quite a while, and the specific way that cigarettes feel on the lungs and the brain are addictive in themselves.


Vaping during these occasions will be an enormous assistance to you and the monkey on your back. You might need to utilize a vape juice with marginally more nicotine while you are first stopping, on the grounds that your body may request elevated levels of the substance immediately.

  • Feeling Dizzy

Smoking contracts the course in your body, keeping oxygen from getting to your brain in sound sums. Vaping doesn’t have this symptom, so when you do the switch you may see that you feel unsteady and mixed up.

While it is somewhat awkward to feel along these lines, it’s really something to be thankful for on the grounds that it shows that you haven’t been for all time harmed by cigarettes, and your body is moving back to its typical condition. We need solid degrees of oxygen to arrive at our brain so as to perform higher request mind capacities.

This stage should just last a few days directly after you do the switch. Something else to keep an eye out for is getting an excess of nicotine from your gadget. Vapes can possibly give you exceptionally a lot of nicotine, implying that you could be getting more than you while you were on cigarettes.

E-cigarettes offer an extraordinary method to stop smoking since they are so comparative in nature to cigarettes. Half of the fight with stopping cigarettes is the ongoing part, all things considered, going outside to smoke with companions, taking breaks, attracting something near your mouth, and having something hit your throat are for the most part addictive in themselves.

Vapes offer those things too, making transitioning much simpler.


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