What are the best online streaming shows to watch during lockdown

online streaming show to watch during lockdown

This article is in two sections, on the first those new streaming shows worth watching right now, and at the bottom, the second part lists remarkable series that are must-watch tv shows! So, if you haven’t watched some of them, you might as well use up this excess of free time to catch up with all time favorite shows.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Money Heist (Netflix Spain), the phenomenon is already on its 4 season delivery, telling the novelistic story of two robberies so far from a calculating Professor to the Spanish House of Coin, or Bill printing house, with his gang formed by Tokyo, Nairobi, Helsinki, Rio and other character from whom we get to know their stories and emotions and fall in love with them.
  • The Last Dance, this 10-part docu-series follows the Bulls’ 1997-98 season from start to finish, while also covering the rest of the chapters in Jordan’s remarkable career.
  • Tiger King (Netflix America) docummental tv show with original footage, probably the most striking during the starts of the pandemic lockdown, narrates the crimes committed around the big cats, tigers pumas and such, business in Florida, featuring jailed Tony Exotic original footage and controversy with Animal defenders. The exotic personality of the characters and the criminalistic story documented narrative has made it one of 2020 favorites.
  • Chernobyl by HBO is a 5 episode masterpiece, an extremely loyal representation to the famous nuclear energy plant catastrophe, brilliantly performed, it won many awards.
  • Unorthodox (Netflix America) first Yiddish spoken tv show in America, this brief 4 episode beautiful story of how a Jewish orthodox wife runs to Berlin seeking her freedom from God’s many rules, afraid of not being good enough for her own freedom and happiness.
  • The house of Flowers (Netflix Mexico), this shocking TV shows already on its 3rd season tells us of the transformation needed to undergo by a wealthy a father-run classic family, and how they fall apart and come back together after adapting to the news of the father and son’s gay lives, and second home as cabaret owners.
  • Dark, a favorite sci fi suspense show dealing with time loops each 33 years and how it affected a german forest town, it’s one of the audience favorites.
  • The handmaid’s tale, Vis to Vis are new femenine tv shows and if you haven’t watched Netflix’s first of its kind, Orange is the New Black.
  • The Resident, The Good Doctor and New Amsterdam, are the new invogue media series of 2020.
  • The Outsider by HBO is the best dark suspense thriller of 2020.
  • The Witcher by Netflix is an awesome fantasy new show. Or Star Trek discovery, on SciFi the show by George Martin named The Expanse by HBO is a great space series.
  • Devs by Hulu is as modern as a mystery thriller gets.
  • Twilight Zone season 2 by CBS and The Boys by Amazon originals which has a large fan basis.
  • Snowpiercer TNT, an adaptation of the 2013 film, of a freezing futuristic world.
  • The Rossian Doll has received fantastic critics.
  • Seal Team, Narcos, Ozark are all great action options.
  • Watchmen has the best casting and looks like a super production.
  • Fleabag which won many awards.

Blockbusters films worth noting are Action movies like Extraction featuring hot Thor, or political like The two Popes, with the true story behind the former Pope resignation, Pixar’s Onward animated feature, Bad Boys For Life, Gretel & Hansel, Coffee & Kareem, and The Invisible Man, Sonic the movie, Dr Dolitte, and Birds of Prey (Harley Quinn).

Our second list y of the best rated and all time favorite shows with the most IMDB likes which are truly recommend:

  • Band of Brothers, the last of Steven Spielberg’s one man run tv shows, based on the brotherhood of a company in arms during World War II.
  • Breaking Bad, the usual favorite, narrates the friendship between an ex-school-chemistry professor and the worst student of his class, and how they become kingpins of the meth traffic in LA US west coast.
  • Succession, HBO’s fantasy inner family relations of the media magnate in the US, the life of power groups, the importance of media, based on true life characters as Ted Turner’s, Carlos Slim’s or William R Hearst’s media empires.
  • Game of Thrones, HBO’s cult fantasy super production with the participation of its writer George RR Martin, adaptation from the books of The Song of Ice and Fire, the 8 eight seasons delivery is the most shocking, fantastic, intertwining, ritualistic novel of medieval times there is between 7 ruling houses on the island north, and the rest of the world and magic ancient fantasy, all in search of power and dominion of the Iron Throne.
  • House of Cards, Netflix very first tv show, still ongoing on its 7th season, this pioneer tv show catapulted Netflix’s subscriptions, featuring a dark presidential Kevin Spacey acting Bretch style, that is, commenting directly on first person his audience off the character role, was impressive characterization to say the least.
  • Riverdale, is the most liked by teenagers, and Valley Trash by ABC is about a 14 year old country girl who goes into a preppy rich kid american school.
  • The Walking Dead, the pioneer of the zombie apocalypse tv series, the original cast made it all together until the fifth season and their bondage emotionally hooked its thrill-seeking audience, made it become a cult show.
  • Homeland, by HBO, is a very good action tv show on national security and middle east.

Finally, for many of us who like foreign films and shows, it is good news that we have noticed the increase in the offer of these types of programming which came from netflix and other tv streaming services globalizing their investments. Some of this films are Les Miserables french, Dangal from Disney India, Mamikamika Netflix India,


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