What are the Best Juice Extractors?


Making your own juice from fresh fruit (or vegetables) seems like a dream to you? However, it is possible with juice extractors. Easy to use, these machines are gaining popularity with consumers, who are increasingly turning away from industrial juices. In this article, we give you tips for making your purchase as well as a selection of the best juice extractors of the moment.

“Consume much healthier fruit juices for your health and with ease”. This is the promise of juice extractors, which have already won over many buyers. But since it is a flourishing market, many brands and models are present and are fighting a real trade war. It is therefore not easy to see very clearly in the midst of this bloated offer. To make it easier for you to navigate and save time in your purchasing process, we have decided to make up your mind. How? ‘Or’ What? By sharing buying and maintenance advice as well as a selection of the best juice extractors of the moment.

The desire to sip fresh fruit juices is always very pleasant, even if it is under our blanket that we sip in winter. So now is the right time for brands to sell their juicers and they understand it. Some manufacturers offer (very) attractive offers. It is obviously the latter that caught our attention.

Through our selection, you will find the best of the best juice extractors, carefully chosen, and according to a multitude of criteria. First, the general quality of the product and the value for money. Just because buying an extractor is a good time doesn’t mean you have to pay full price, there are always great deals to be found and that’s what we did. Then, of course, we took into account the reliability of the brand as well as the consumer opinions, inseparable elements of a reasoned purchase. The most reliable merchants have also been selected, in order to guarantee you an irreproachable delivery and after-sales service if you need to call on it. Finally, we also took into account the warranty period for these devices. There you have it, you now know everything about our selection process, we will now offer you our best juice extractors of the moment below.

Our selection of the best juice extractors:

This Amzchef brand juice extractor is one of the most powerful in our selection. With a power of 150 W and a weight of 4.8 Kg, it is perfect for you to enjoy tasty fresh fruit juice! Its low-speed motor (80 rpm) preserves the nutritional quality of your fruits and vegetables. It is also low noise since it is able to operate at less than 60 decibels.

Whether it’s fruit or vegetables, this extractor will allow you to make juices very easily! With a low-speed motor (60 rpm) and a compact size, it will fit very easily into your kitchen. Capable of operating in less than 60 decibels, so it is relatively quiet. We will also add that it is very simple to maintain.

With a speed of 75 rpm and a motor of 200 watts, this juice extractor from the brand Tibek offers a really interesting performance for a small price. Operating at less than 60 decibels, like the other extractors in our selection! Note also that this device has the particularity of using the most advanced slow compression technology. In short, an excellent product!

This Bextcok Moulin Juice Extractor can extract juice from fruits without cutting them. Operating at less than 60 decibels, it has one of the slowest low-speed motors in our selection between 45 and 60 RPM. This helps preserve vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace elements as well as nutrients. Easy to use and very simple to maintain thanks to its reverse gear which facilitates cleaning and prevents the machine from jamming. You won’t spend more time cleaning it up than drinking your juice.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a juice extractor?

It is very beneficial to own a juice extractor. As we said before, this will allow you to consume healthier juices for your health. At a time when manufacturers are increasingly criticized for the different additives that can be found in their juices, extractors appear to be precious machines for those who want to take care of their food. In addition, you should know that with these machines, you will keep the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and trace elements contained in food. Indeed, thanks to its low speed of rotation, the juice extractor will press the food cold and thus avoid any transformation of these nutrients. Juicers are also low noise and easy to clean and generally have a multitude of options allowing you to make soups, compotes, or sorbets.

However, as with any household appliance, these machines have some drawbacks. The purchase price represents a certain amount for most of us, hence the importance of taking the time to choose the product best suited to our needs. Then the juice extractor can turn out to be quite bulky, although there are models of different sizes. It is therefore necessary to look at the dimensions at the time of purchase. Finally, you will have to cut the fruits and vegetables and it, therefore, requires a little time in front of you.

How to choose your juice extractor?

To succeed in choosing the best possible juice extractor according to your needs, it is important to take into account a multitude of criteria. Once your budget is well defined, you should first look at the dimensions of the device. Thus, no unpleasant surprises during the reception!

Then take a good look at the power of your machine. The more powerful it is, the more efficiently it will squeeze your fruits and vegetables. If your model is not powerful enough for its use, your device may be overheating. Also, think carefully about the type of juice you want to make. For hard fruit or vegetable juices (apples, carrots, fennel, etc.), a vertical extractor will be more suitable thanks to its small size. If you want to squeeze spinach, cabbage, or salad, we recommend that you opt for a horizontal extractor instead. Thanks to its depth, the yield will be much better.

Finally, do not neglect the accessories either. This is even what can tip the scales in favor of a model if you hesitate between two products. Among the accessories frequently offered, we find in particular a pusher, a pulp container, a juice cup, or a recipe book.

How to maintain a juice extractor?

To successfully keep your juice extractor in good condition over time, regular maintenance is essential. You must first read the instructions for the device. Indeed, each extractor is different, and specific maintenance features may exist. The advice we are going to give you is intended to be general and therefore cannot in any way replace the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The first thing to do to maintain your juice extractor is to clean it after each use. It may seem logical, but it is very easy to forget or be tempted to postpone this task until the next day. To clean it, you must therefore disassemble the device and put each part (except the one containing the motor) in the water. Using a cloth, you can rub these different parts and then rinse with clean water. Once done, don’t forget to dry it and then reassemble it.

About once a month, we recommend that you do a more thorough cleaning. Once again, you need to take the device apart first. You can then mix water and baking soda in a bowl and soak the different parts of the device (except the one containing the motor) for a while. With a sponge, do not hesitate to rub every nook to make sure the extractor is clean. You can then rinse the device and dry it. You just have to reassemble it and it’s all good!

As you can see, it is not very long and restrictive to clean your juice extractor, but this task really needs to be done on a regular basis for your device to have good longevity and optimal performance.

The ice cube maker: an ideal accessory

If you are planning on purchasing an extractor, owning an ice maker can prove to be very beneficial. You will make ice cubes instantly or almost. Easy to use and maintain, it will be very easy for you to serve your guests during a party or a meal! You can even choose the size and shape of your ice cubes. We can also add that these machines are generally energy-efficient and relatively silent.


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