Weekend in Europe. Milan, city of art and fashion


The economic capital of Italy, known for fashion and design, is home to many architectural and artistic treasures, including The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.

Before becoming the Italian capital of fashion and design, Milan was first and foremost an important artistic center. The greatest of his artists is none other than Leonardo da Vinci, who lived there for twenty years at the turn of the sixteenth century, in the service of the powerful Duke Ludovico Sforza (whose castle is still visited today, piazza Castello) .

Da Vinci exercised full-time his engineering skills, imagining war machines or automatons for his patron. The sketches and models of the Italian genius are presented at the Museum of Arts and Technology of the city, which bears his name. The Last Supper, one of his masterpieces, is presented to the public at Santa Maria delle Grazie Convent.

The Victor Emmanuel II Gallery is home to many shops, including those of the great Italian designers.

The inescapable Duomo

Other pieces made by da Vinci are visible in the city, like the crucifix that adorns the Duomo, a must. This cathedral, located in the city center, is one of the most famous and most complex Gothic buildings in the world. Nicknamed the “marble hedgehog”, the cathedral, from the outside, is a real stone place. Visitors can admire its 2,000 marble statues and 136 ornamental arrows. It is also possible to visit the roofs, accessible by stairs or elevator, which offer a panoramic view of the city.


A stone’s throw from the Duomo, this is another type of architecture that catches the eye. The Victor Emmanuel II gallery and its triumphal arch, inaugurated in 1878, recall the Grand Palais in Paris, with its metallic structure and its windows. This beautiful shopping gallery is home to many shops, including those of the greatest Italian designers. Indeed, the Gucci, Prada and other Versace originate from the Lombardy city.

The old canals of the Lombardy city are today one of the places of celebration of Milan, with the famous aperitivo.

Milan has always been an important economic center, as evidenced by the Navigli, these channels used in the Middle Ages for the transport of goods.

This picturesque area, located southwest of the city, is the ideal place to spend a Milanese evening on one of the many terraces offering passers-by the famous aperitivo, a local tradition: between 18 and 21 h, drinks are accompanied by varied tapas, hearty and free. Perfect before attending an opera at La Scala, another place to visit!


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