Watches, glasses, bracelets… Apple Leads the Global Connected Accessories Market


The good sales of Apple’s latest smartwatch at the end of 2017 have propelled the California giant to the top of the world market connected electronic accessories to carry, reported Thursday the study firm IDC.

Apple Watch sell reaches 8 million in the fourth quarter of last year. Good sales propelled the brand to lead the global market for individual connected accessories, according to the report of International Data Corporation (IDC), released Thursday.

Over this period, the company lead by Tim Cook took a 21% share of market connected to accessories on all types of watches, glasses, fitness wristbands, clothing. Apple notably benefited from the release in September of its AppleWatch series 3.

Success of connected watches
His rival, the American Fitbit, came in second with a market share of 14.2% in the fourth quarter ahead of China’s Xiaomi (13%).

Over the full year, Apple sold 17.7 million connected watches worldwide, or 15.3% of the market “wearables” , according to this study, which said that Xiaomi was second (13.6 %) and Fitbit (13.3%).

“Interest in connected watches continues to grow and Apple is well positioned to capture demand,” said Ramon Llamas, research director at IDC.

The global wearables market grew by 10.3% in 2017, reaching 115.4 million accessories sold. It jumped 27% in 2016.


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