Watch the Snow, Watch the Cherry Blossom Season in Japan



Are you a frequent visitor to Japan, then you will find this country almost every season is a tourist season, and if you really want to “Enjoy Japan”, then you must visit at least four times to redeem all four Springs.

Beautiful cherry blossoms in Tokyo

You can combine the trip at the time of the season. The spring and winter season is the time when many tourists flock to Japan to see the snow fall in the winter and welcome early cherry blossom.

From Tokyo, just take the Shinkansen express train for more than 2 hours northeast to Yamagata Prefecture. You can experience the end of Japan with white snow and the trees.

Yamagata is famous for the Vietnamese community because it is home to Oshin, a real-life character whose life has been transformed into a movie and was famous by millions of viewers in Asia in the 90s.

About 2 hours drive from Tokyo is the ancient village of Oshino Hakkai, the second oldest village in Japan and recognized as a cultural heritage of mankind. Peacefully located at the foot of the mighty Mount Fuji, the waterways and lakes in the village are formed from the glaciers, just a sip of water will help you feel the purity of the infinity. nature.

After settling on the tranquility of the waterways and houses in the ancient village of Oshino Hakkai, you can begin from Mount Fuji. Fuji is a famous mountain, in fact Fuji is more of a mountain, it is sacred and symbolizes the growth of Japanese youth.

Almost all Japanese have arrived at least once in Mount Fuji, except in very special circumstances. Not to mention that the climb of Mount Fuji is considered the “maturity” for Japanese students at the age of 20.

The festival lights up 500 lights in the snow in Yamagata in March 2018

Students climbing to the top of the mountain will send a special postcard to their parents or relatives, where they write a few zigzag lines (because of the cold on the mountain, the hand writings can not be beautiful). The purpose is to prove that “I have climbed Mt. Fuji – I am an adult now!”

For tourists to Japan but not to Mount Fuji is like you have never visited Japan. Depending on weather conditions, the car will carry visitors up to the 5th floor of the mountain, and can only visit within 100 days of a year when the snow is in minimum amount.


As usual, the center of Tokyo attracts attention when visitors come to Japan. Japan’s first cherry blossom blooms along major streets or in the Izu Peninsula in western Tokyo in millions of cherry trees in Japan, only one flower is considered “alarm clock” for the cherry blossom season.

Despite the bustle of the cherry gardens all over, only when the cherry blossom planted at the Yasukuni Shrine in Chiyoda District, Tokyo blossomed, it was only when the cherry blossom season officially began.

The ancient village at the foot of Phu Si mountain spring visitors

Not to be filled in the cherry forest in the lush season, but the feeling of welcoming the first flower petals in the spring has enough to scour the traveler four directions.

In recent years, Japan put an operation, in the form of tourism for people those are visiting with the interest of agriculture. Local fruits and vegetables are given special priority by the government, and they contribute to promoting the agricultural model and quality of Japanese fruits to international visitors.

In early March, red berries in the vicinity of Tokyo are frequented by frequent travelers. The berries are grown by water sources to meet Japanese standards, especially do not spray sprays, always be enjoyed by visitors to eat directly and buy them as gifts for your relatives/friends.

Come to Japan to look at the cherry blossom spring time, the heart will suddenly burst into the season.

Think of the changing nature, the period of time, a new beginning, the heart suddenly throbbing in the spring breeze.


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