Visiting Naples(Italy) with kids!


Naples is often misunderstood as a city. Undoubtedly, like any other city, certain places are to be avoided. Not only in terms of safety but also – when traveling with kids – some places are less appropriate for our loved young ones. However, Naples is also the host to numerous entertaining and interesting sites – especially for children! Apart from being geographically blessed with several peculiar Volcanic regions, the region Is highly filled with history and yummy culinary traditions! So without further to do, here are the top spots in Naples and surroundings worth visiting with kids!

Castel Nuovo

Castel Nuovo, otherwise knowns as Maschio Angioino (Angevin Keep in English), is the city most well-known architectural landmark. It was first built by Charles of Anjou in 1279 and has undertook and lived through many great battles. Nowadays, it is a hub for art and literature – hosting many exhibitions and fairs. However, what makes the castle one of a kind is its imposing medieval vastness. Children who will walk upon the castle tiles and within its massive walls will really feel like they are living history. Its enormous stoned arch and tall standing towers radiate years and years of triumphant battles! Any true fairy tale lover will be left enchanted by this place!

Mount Vesuvius

The only way to the top of the Mount Vesuvius is by hiking so it is definitely not an experience for the faint-hearted. It is possible however to take a bus for part of the way but, as most good things in life, they don’t come easily! Nevertheless, when in Napes, it is a MUST. At the top, apart from enjoying a priceless scenic and panoramic view of the city of Naples coasting the – what seems to be – infinite blue Mediterranean Sea, it offers the opportunity to look down into the immense crater. There’s not only a certain thrilling shiver that comes with looking down into a Volcanic crater, but also a feeling of freedom and surrender to the prowess of nature. So, if you have the chance, do no miss it and let you and your family be carried away by this once in a lifetime experience!


Without a doubt, whenever you think about Naples you ought to think about Pompeii. Not only one of the most important archeological sites in the World, but also a magical place filled with years and years of history preserved under dry volcanic lava that erupted over decades ago from the still active Mount Vesuvius. Just thinking about it makes your mind implode! Two awfully well preserved ancient Roman towns, Herculaneum and Pompeii, offer the opportunity for you and your kids to dive right back into how life was back in the 1st Century for the Romans. For a more virtual experience, you can take your kids down to the Virtual Pompeii exhibition. Its projection room offers a virtual 3D reconstruction of the towns before the disruptive Volcanic eruption.

Underground Naples

The historic center of the city of Naples is a heart-warming experience for any family. Full of little artisans shops, markets and village-like streets. However, it can often get chaotic and a bit messy – which is not ideal when visiting a city with kids. So if you are looking for a similar experience but away from the tourist-jammed spots of the city center, there is still hope! Underneath the people-filled streets of hectic Naples you can find the mystical underground Naples – Napoli Sotteranea in Italian. Take your kids to experience a whole new World – hidden way from the gist and liveness of the city life. Into Christian burial sites, Roman roads and aqueducts, ancient markets and preserved hidden shelters of the Second World War. Not only a great timeline of the city’s history – beginning all the way from its Roman past till the modern war days – but also quite an adventure for the true explorers!

Amalfi coast – Ischia

For a complete and well-rounded experience of Naples, make sure you take some time out of your visit to drive along the stunningly beautiful Amalfi Coast. A panoramic street on the edge of rocky hills that plummet down into a crystal-clear blue Mediterranean sea, is what we are talking about! It is most definitely a sight for the eyes. And when you are there you could take advantage of the many beautiful islands that coat the outskirts of the coast. In particular, the island of Ischia, is well-known both for its breathtaking beaches – where your kids can splash around the clear Mediterranean waters – but also for its rich vegetation. Precisely for its vegetation the islands has many things to offer such as a pine tree forest and many public parks and gardens which are a great opportunity for long peaceful walks or thrilling hikes on the edge of scenic cliffs.

Pizza Napoletana

To end in beauty, after a long visit to this all-rounded city of Naples, the only thing left to do is to try the Pizza Napoletana – the true Neapolitan pizza. Peculiar for its thick crust and dough, together with a perfect balance of fresh local ingredient – such as Mozzarella di Bufala and tomatoes straight out of the prosperous Volcanic region. It is definitely a pizza that can’t be left untasted – especially by your kids! So gather all you left energy, and come and taste pizza in the place where it is believed to have first originated. What are you waiting for?


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