Uttar Pradesh ready to gallop on path of development: Narendra Modi

Indian PM Narendra Modi UP Investors Summit

Addressing the inaugural session of the UP Investors Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Investors Summit is a major change in the history of the country. I congratulate everyone on this issue. Prime Minister Modi said that industries will get online permit in the set time frame.

Indian PM Narendra Modi UP Investors Summit
Indian PM Narendra Modi UP Investors Summit

Addressing the inaugural session of the UP Investors Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that even when there is a change, it appears in front. With the investor summit being organized at such a wide level in Uttar Pradesh, so many investors and entrepreneurs are united in this investor summit, there is a big change in itself. Who knows better than the people of UP before the BJP government? The atmosphere of UP’s development is today. It was never expected, but the positive environment that the Yogi Government has given is very much appreciated.

The Yogi Government is fully fulfilling the promise made to the women of the farmers with utmost seriousness. Now the production has increased nearly 40 percent, which has greatly benefited the country. Here, 60 percent of the population is worth the workers. Which will take UP towards new heights. Now every child here is ready to give superhit performance in UP. New investment is also required for the construction of New India – New Uttar Pradesh.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that today I am going to make an important announcement on this occasion. This year the proposal was proposed in the budget that two Defense Industrial Corridors would be built in the country. One of them is proposed in UP. Keeping in mind the development of Bundelkhand, in particular, it has been decided that the extension of the Defense Industrial Corridor in UP will extend to Agra, Aligarh, Lucknow, Kanpur, Jhansi and Chitrakoot.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that air travelers are being developed in 11 cities under flying plan. My dream is to travel in airplane. Transportation arrangements are being strengthened in Eastern and Western Corridor in UP. Water transport between Varanasi Haldia is also being strengthened. Which will take the UP to new heights in the twenty-first century. With the development of UP, the possibility of employment will increase here. The development of tourism in UP will also work better. With which the UP number one will go, new tourism has also been given the status of industry. Next year, Maha Kumbha is being organized in Allahabad which is a big event which will be a great privilege of the country along with UP. There are also immense possibilities of employment. We have to do international branding.

From the old time today, UP grain wheat sugarcane is at number one in the production of milk potato. After the adverse situation here in UP, the brothers of the UP have done work. The question is what’s next. Is the UP doing its full justice with its power? Today, value addition of UP is needed in every field. Here the policies of the Yogi government are being worked on.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the people of Prime Minister’s Mudra Yojana have been given a loan of more than four lakh crores of rupees to promote forest distinction. We have to advance marketing too. The biggest problem related to farming is that every year 190 crore vegetable gets burnt and farmers are losing its property. UP number one in potato production is on. We have to connect the farmer industry by making a roadmap to reach their product to the chips industry. The UP number one is also in the production of dough. Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samada Yojana has been brought to prevent the farmers from harvesting the crop. Food processing is also approved. Agriculture products and West have to move us forward.


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