“Uber has to be Closed”: The Request for Justice of Relatives of Elaine Herzberg


The relatives of Elaine Herzberg, the person had accident by an autonomous Uber, ask that the company should leave the market.

The life of 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg suddenly died after an Uber autonomous vehicle hit her in the town of Tempe in Arizona this week .

After the incident, Elaine’s friends and relatives are now clamoring for justice, and they want drastic measures for Uber to close.

This should never have happened, said Carole Kimmerle, a friend of Herzberg’s for more than 10 years and who had previously lived with her. “I think this should be a negligent homicide not an accident … and the government must also be held accountable”.

According to what Uber and the police argued, there was a human operator in the front seat, but the car was in autonomous mode, which meant that the radar technology might not have detected the pedestrian because of that the vehicle did not stop for another reason .

Family and friends outraged with Uber
Deniel Klapthor, is a friend of Elaine and told The Guardian newspaper that, “Uber should be closed for that, there has to be a greater punishment than not allowing them to drive it on the street.

She was not in any way insecure, she was very cautious with the laws” he added.

Another friend of the victim, Jerry Higgins, commented that Uber’s autonomous vehicles are everywhere in Tempe.

Don’t they have a driver in the car who is supposed to prevent things like this before happening? … I do not see how something like this did not work in the programs.

For his part, Ryan Calo, a law professor at the University of Washington and expert in self-control, predicted that the company would try to solve the case quickly and privately: “Uber will resolve this immediately for an undisclosed amount of money.”



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