Twitter has Announced to take Action Against Fake Accounts


Twitter announced on Wednesday that action on accounts powered by software bots, which is fraudulently promoted by a person or promoted in other words. During the 2016 US elections, similar activity was observed for which the social platform was found guilty.

… steps taken

Twitter has taken this new step to eliminate the spread of rumors with false and misinformation. The San Francisco Messaging Platform said the goal of this step is to rein in fraud and spam accounts, not on those who use the service as per the rules. Such accounts are fraudulently promoting people. This kind of work is particularly big on social media. This is also because at present, everybody wants them to recognize as many people as possible even if they are in the form of fake floaters or numbers. Let’s say there are about 48 million active users on Twitter. At the same time, there are about 15 per cent accounts which have been created in a fraudulent manner.

The fake account is called ‘bot’

In November last year, this kind of thing was said by Facebook too. At that time, Facebook had said that many accounts that were visible on it were fake. Such an account is called a bot. These are often used to change the mood of the audience in the Political Debate. Apart from this, they are also used to promote business.

Twitter spokesman said: “Looking at the series of #TwitterLockOut and #TwitterPurge, many users will see a huge decrease in their number of followers. Behind this is Twitter’s ongoing effort to identify and eliminate suspicious accounts.


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