Turkey – New Istanbul Airport will start Operating fully on 3rd March

FILE PHOTO: A terminal of the Istanbul's new airport is pictured prior to the official opening ceremony

The fully operational status of new Istanbul Airport which was failed in January this year is now going to be complete in march. At the inauguration ceremony, President Erdogan said the new infrastructure could be expanded to accommodate up to 200 million passengers.

The new Istanbul airport , whose full operation has already been postponed once in january, will not be fully operational until March 3, the Turkish newspaper Milliyet reported on Thursday.

This airport, which authorities believe that it will be one of the busiest airport in the world, was inaugurated in October by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, but only a few flights are operational since then.

Up to 90 million passengers a year

Its fully operational status was first postponed in January, a setback for the Turkish power for which this airport represents the flagship of the construction boom that has sustained the strong economic growth recorded since the arrival of Erdogan to the head of the country , 15 years ago.

Citing a letter to the airport authorities, the daily Milliyet writes that the full operation of the airport is now postponed until early March. At the inauguration ceremony, President Erdogan said that the new infrastructure could accommodate 90 million passengers a year, and eventually could be expanded to accommodate up to 200 million passengers.

Now we need to see when its going to complete and is this really a successful airport or being the busiest airport in the world or not. What do you think.


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