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The demand and popularity of the Android market have increased compared to any other platforms. For most of the businesses Android-based mobile applications have turned as a go-to method to launch their services. According to Statista, there are 1.6 billion Android users worldwide and Android smartphones’ global market share in 2019 was 87%. 

Undoubtedly, the increased number of users and usage percentage has raised the demand for the Android App development services. However,  for Android developers to match the development standards and meet with timely deadlines has turned as a major challenge. In order to overcome this challenge, a plethora of tools have been introduced by experts.

Among them, Android Studio and AVD Manager have become highly popular and turned as a foremost choice of the programmers for the Android development process. These tools help in code editing and programmers can also test responsiveness and performance on different versions and screen sizes. 

If you are planning to hire an Android developer for your project, then make sure a developer should be proficient with different versions of the Android tools. Along with this, he should also be able to meet with your project requirements. 

In this blog, let’s know about the top Android development tools, which are predominant in the market industry.

Should Know – Top Android Development Tools 

1) Android Studio

This is the versatile Android tool, developers are leveraging its benefits for years. It is considered as the best Android development tools and preferred mostly by experts. Mostly, developers prefer to opt for this tool as it offers extensive features such as APK Analyser, smart visualization, intelligent code editor, fast emulator, and flexible system with a real-time profiler. Apart from this, it is based on open source and also helps to create multiple APK files for different projects. 

This tool offers an opportunity for the developers to install everything in a simple process. Developers don’t need to download any additional files, it is easier to manage in an effective manner. In this tool, powerful insightful code proofreaders and responsive emulators have been integrated too. 

Why should developers opt for this tool? 

  • Powerful Testing Tools 
  • Cloud & Firebase Connectivity
  • Smart analytics, authentication, and notifications 

2) Fabric 

It is a useful Android development tool, which helps developers to develop, deploy, and extend Android application functionalities. This tool is known for its stable and robust based program. Fabric offers developers to understand the concept from the user’s perspective and deliver engaging Apps for the customers. 

3) Game Maker:  Studio

For Android game App development, it is among one of the most popular tools and game developers prefer to opt for this tool. It helps programmers to launch 2D based games with a lesser coding process. This tool also ensures the mobile game application should be based on user-friendly attributes and supports drag and drop interface. However, it turns the development process easier and faster than ever before.

4) IntelliJ IDEA

The main motive to design this tool was to boost the productivity of the developers. It is based on an integrated development environment feature, and this tool is written in java. According to Wikipedia, this tool is developed by JetBrains and is  Apache 2 Licensed community edition, and in a proprietary commercial edition. IntelliJ IDEA is popular for its advanced features such as providing coding assistance, which helps in code refactoring and debugging.

It also has several inbuilt features and several useful databases are also integrated to it such as e Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MySQL. It offers an opportunity to have direct access to these databases. With the help of this tool, developers can add different plugins to the tool and also leverage third-party functionalities. 

5)  Eclipse

Eclipse is known as the well known Android development tool. It is the most preferred and useful platform for developers. This tool offers a separate codebase environment and a different set of tools, which provides an opportunity for the developers to customize the mobile application for their different projects. It supports Java programming language and helps to turn the codebase into advanced and turn the optimization process also into the next level. It allows developers to record every act of the code execution process. 


These are the top mobile app development tools, which help developers to robust the process. In order to launch the advanced and modern mobile application, developers should be proficient in these tools as it helps them to stay ahead in the market competition.


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