Top Gifts that will Fit in a Business Meeting

top gifts that will fit in a business meeting

When it comes to sending gifts to my clients, I had already sent them, which can be placed on offices desks or corners of the rooms.

Whatever came to my mind? It was already sent many times to my suppliers as well. So this time I thought of sending something new and interesting. I sat down on my office chair, starting looking for gifts items, and shortlisted some of them, which are as follows:

  • Caroo Snack Boxes

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any occasion my colander, Caroo makes custom-made boxes, any food items fits in, snacks, beers, etc. You name it, it can get it. Deliver to the person on time. The good thing is they have tied with different food banks. They give part of their earnings to them.

  • Virtual Keyboard

It’s a very handy tool. It’s just a keyboard, which comes out from the LASER light. It’s very useful when anyone who has an android phone or I phone. They are outside of their office or home. The boss tells them to prepare an urgent report. The words are typed in the phone.

  • Hydra Smart Water bottle

It comes with multiple features, Bluetooth speakers, radio, party lights, charging stations for mobile phones, and a bottle opener. It’s better to carry it anywhere, instead of having both hands filled with all this stuff.



  • Portable Scanner

This device is very useful, when instantly anyone requires scanning any business card, and report, etc. It saves time by not running around, looking for shops, or getting home early, just to do the scan.

  • Garmin Forerunner 735

How about instant health checks on your wrist? This watch can display key health indicators like calories, the number of steps taken during the exercises, heart rates, sleep, etc. The best part is that it can synchronize with other fitness apps.

  • Rumble Roller

This is for anyone, who sits or stands for longer hours. So it’s easy to use. Just put between the back and the chair, keep rolling from below the neck till lower back. It helps in relieving back pain. This could save time and money for getting physiotherapy sessions or paying high pharmacy bills.

  • Bulletproof Coffee Kit

It’s ideal for all those people, who want to increase their mental performance. It can boost mental ability. Let’s do things faster than before. Provides more focus, understands things better.

  • Dohm Sound Conditioner

Everyone wants to calm down after a whole day, busy routines. This comes with the soothing white noise, that relaxes the mind and hence the body. So getting a night of quality sleep the night, makes you ready for the next day at the office.

  • Magic 8 Ball

Ever thought of an important decision, try rolling magic 8 balls in your hand, it gives instant answers. It is inspired by the fortune ball in older times. It works on probability.

  • Blue Apron

I can subscribe and send choose healthy food delivered to anyone, who is working in an office or from home. They have a variety of fresh ingredients; the menu consists of the Mediterranean and other dishes from Europe, India, and American, etc. Then even do the delivery.

  • Battery Packs and Pillows

Most of the time, we travel a lot on business trips, so this is a better option for just relaxing in airports, metros. It runs on batteries. It can bring about a relaxing experience on a busy day.

  • Kindle

It is very convenient and handy to carry Kindle. Instead of carrying books everywhere in an office bag or pay extra money to ship the books. The Kindle can carry all those in one place. It’s very lightweight. Many different genres can found on this device, namely best books for starting a business, self-help, or even reading any famous memoirs.

  • Portable Wallet Charger

The use of phone these days, all of us need to read the emails, calendars, meetings on Zoom, Skype, etc. So staying connected all-time for updates is a must. So this charger can fit in the wallet or the purse. It’s very easy to use.

  • A Camera

This can be a great gift. We like taking photos, sharing on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. So any renowned brand camera will be a good fit as a gift.

  • Marquee lightbox

It’s good for any occasion like e.g. achieved a milestone etc. It comes with thousand words, numbers, etc. Its size is A4. So any positive quote can be assembled and then the LED lights can be turned on. It can fit on the wall. It is operated by AA batteries.

  • SkillShare

Just get the membership. Then give it to them. Most of the courses are easy to learn. It’s available on the play store and app store. Anyone can learn a new skill and increase the value of the business. Some of the courses taught are e-commerce, freelancing, graphic designing, etc.

  • Square Card Reader

This is used to get the payment on the go. The main advantage is the clients, they don’t have to go around looking for ATMs, wait in the line, etc. It’s easy to use in three steps:

  1. Get connected
  2. Use the Credit Card
  3. Accept the payment

Nowadays, it’s not required to carry a card swapping machine while traveling. Just carry this in the pocket.

  • Mobile Hotspot

As I mentioned earlier, getting connected has become a necessity. Even on sitting in a park or moving around or staying in a bookstore, then suddenly, want to see a reply of email or send messages on WhatsApp. This mobile hotspot is the real answer.

Very lightweight, easy to carry in metro, hospitals, you name it. It can be used to get updates on the go.

  • Conclusion

It’s worth considering that, I have shared the list, which can fit any occasion or any formal gathering e.g. with the clients, etc. The next important step is to follow up with the receivers, that they have got your gift on time. Otherwise, the whole exercise will become useless.

It shouldn’t be done excessively or just following up once and not checking again. I think a balanced approach is a better strategy to adopt for this. So go on share these gifts and develop a relationship with them when they visit or you go for the next meeting.



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