Top Eco-Friendly Options for Rattan Garden Furniture


We are reminded daily of the importance of moving towards an eco-friendly life. The planet and health depend on it. This is everyone’s responsibility to make the necessary changes in their lives to help. Almost everything in life can be made eco friendly, starting from the food consumed to the products used. Start from the outside first and throw away any chemical weed killers or harmful grass cutters while finding ecologically friendly ways for maintaining the garden instead.

Restore the old

Restoration is the way to go as you will not only save money but also give your garden furniture a new lease for life. Moreover, by now purchasing new, you are further reducing the need for excess materials, which is a great eco-friendly move.

If you have furniture made of plastic, you would require leaning it thoroughly in order to get the former shine back. Instead of purchasing noxious and expensive chemicals, you can mix vinegar and juice together to clean the furniture. A great scrub with the natural mixture helps in successfully removing algae while making the furniture shine again. Moreover, all of this does not cause any harm to the environment.

If the Rattan Garden Furniture is made of wood, restoring will then need a good clean. All that you need to do is ensure buying an eco-friendly wood varnish that is free of acrylics, VOCs, harmful emissions, and oils.

Rattan lounger

Rattan lounger is the perfect accessory for your outdoor garden. These are available in a wide array of styles and colours which helps in enhancing the look of your garden. Moreover, do not forget to purchase lounges, which are eco friendly. This is a great eco friendly rattan garden furniture option that can be the perfect accessory for any event outdoors, a summer brunch or even a birthday dinner. Get your rattan lounger from at an unimaginably reasonable price.

Deck made of reclaimed wood

Adding a deck to the outdoor space is a great idea, particularly true for those who wish to expand the living space. It can be extremely useful in the summer days when you want to spend time outdoors while enjoying the great weather and while entertaining guests in the garden. You can make this construction an eco friendly one by using earth-friendly products like reclaimed wood.

Eco friendly play area for children

Motivate the kids to leave their electronic gadgets and play in the garden by making a play area for them. Make use of sustainable materials by using some creative ideas such as rubber mulch or rubber tires as the ground cover.

You can also improve the scientific knowledge of the children by creating an inquiry bag that contains a bug catcher, a magnifying glass, and binoculars. Get your kids involved in gardening or some innovative ways of interacting with nature and reap health benefits that it has to offer.

Purchase eco friendly furniture

If you intend to buy new furniture, get in touch with the local council to find out the ways in which you can dispose of it in an eco friendly and legal manner. While purchasing new, it is essential to ensure that the purchase is ecologically friendly and contributing its bit to the environment. It is a good idea to choose furniture made with all recycled materials or find furniture alternatively created from a recyclable material like rattan and aluminium.

Some materials are there which are difficult to wear off as compared to others. Moreover, it will last longer, which reduces any need for replacement. It is crucial to select wood which has been sourced sustainably and hence make sure to buy the picnic table or the wooden garden bench which prides itself as one producing environmentally friendly products.

Wicker and willow

Rattan Outdoor Furniture that is made of willow branches are eco-friendly option as these branches tend to grow faster and are usually hand-collected in very small quantities. In addition to this, these branches do not require any sealants as they already have the bark. The wicker is often created using rattan that is considered a renewable climbing palm plant. However, make sure that you are getting a model which is not coated with extremely harsh chemical sealants. Additionally, stay away from any wicker that is fake petroleum based.

Picnic table

Outdoors are incomplete without a picnic. This is another eco friendly option for rattan garden furniture that sets the right mood for your outdoor event. These picnic tables are available in a large variety in distinct designs. While some are large to accommodate larger families, some are small to accommodate a smaller one. These tables are an eco friendly option and hence are safe for the environment.


These top eco-friendly options for rattan garden furniture are truly recommended for making your garden a greener one.


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