Top 5 Lead Generation Companies That Help Businesses To Grow


Although lead generation may sound interesting, generating leads is not that easy. However, identifying qualified sales prospects is not only a difficult task but also time-consuming. Thanks to some of the companies that have come up to reduce our burden. These lead generation companies guarantee to help enhance the revenue of your business by providing qualified leads regularly.

What is Lead Generation?

The process by which strangers who have shown little interest in your company’s product or services are attracted and converted as customers is known as lead generation. Lead generation belongs to the second stage of inbound marketing. In lead generation, first, a visitor locates your business through one marketing channel. Then, the visitor clicks on the call-to-action, which leads him to the landing page designed to draw his attention in exchange for attractive offers. Finally, the visitor fills up the form in exchange for the offer.

List of top lead generation companies

Here is a list of lead generation companies that helps businesses grow:


Founded in 2011, SalesLoft is an engagement platform designed to help sales companies provide a better customer experience. Headquartered in Atlanta, SalesLoft provides services like personalized email, lead generation, data-driven decision making, etc. Some of the investors of SalesLoft include Storm Ventures, LinkedIn, Techstars, Insight Ventures Partner, etc.

Another engagement acceleration platform is that generates leads to help increase conversions. It was founded in 2015 to help businesses generate prospective leads and grow. Added to driving engagement, Apollo consists of a database of more than 20 million contacts. Some of its investors include Struck Capital, SV Angel, Y Combinator, Nexus Venture Partner, Social Capital, etc.


Developed in 2011, Leadspace aims to help B2B businesses enhance the marketers’ growth and engagement. Added to this, it makes use of data analysis and artificial intelligence to provide suitable leads for your business. Leadspace is based in Israel and San Francisco. It has earned its name by serving seven out of ten biggest companies like Oracle, Google, and Intel. Some of the key features that have made Leadspace popular are an audience management system for B2B businesses, which uses AI and data to provide real-time lead generation, faster growth, and offers increased engagement for better customer attraction.


Started in 2012, Datanyze pays attention to technographics or insights into the company’s choice of techs and purchasing signals to create better leads for companies. Some of its primary features include predictive analysis, technology tracking, data enrichment, prospecting, and others. They use technographic to find prospective leads for companies, employ predictive analytics and data to generate leads, and ease the process of connecting with and setting up meetings with prospective leads. Some of its investors are GV, Mark Cuban, Kyle York, Neeraj Agarwal, AngelList, and others.


Developed in 2005, InsideView is an intelligence target platform that has gained reputation by generating leads for over 20000 companies. This lead generation platform uses real-time events, industry data, and personal connections to help companies with more customized and beneficial leads. They offer relevant leads depending on sales intelligence, show contacts between colleagues, and help businesses with real-time events. Some of the important investors of InsideView are Emergence, Big Sky Partners, Greenhouse Capital Partners, Split Rock Partners, Foundation Capital, Spring Lake Equity Partners, etc.


There you have it, folks. Now that you are aware of the companies that can help you with the best leads, try any one of them for the growth and benefit of your company. Make use of lead generation to help your visitors know more about you and the type of content that you upload for them.


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