Top 10 Unique Destinations Where You Can Unwind and Rejuvenate


Philadelphia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States of America, with more than 40 million visitors every year. Whenever you plan to visit Philadelphia for a few days, try to ensure that these locations are on your itinerary:

Liberty Bell Centre: The huge bell displayed here has been used by abolitionists, suffragists, and several other special interest groups as their symbol of protest. It was cast in London and has a twelve-foot circumference and a clapper that weighs 44 pounds. It is made mainly of copper and tin, and also contains slight amounts of other metals and alloys.

Reading Terminal Market: This is a one-stop shop for anything related to food. This completely covered market would give you so many varieties of food and foodstuffs to buy or eat, that people often check out lists of things to eat there before visiting, so they can plan without getting overwhelmed.

Sugarhouse Casino: This is not just a casino, it is, in fact, a complete entertainment paradise. If the casino chips are the most attractive to you, though, then you can choose from the close to 2000 slot machines, or the 100 table games and a huge 28-table poker room.

Philadelphia Zoo: There is a unique feature that sets this zoo apart from others – it has the world’s first see-through mesh trail that allows the animals of the zoo to roam around without any danger to themselves or visitors. This zoo was the first zoo in the USA. If you love horses, you can also head over to Harrah’s Philadelphia live racing and see some fine thoroughbreds in action.

The Franklin Institute: This is the oldest and most popular science museum in the USA, and it also acts as a valuable academic resource and cultural hub as well. The exhibits here are designed to highlight the play of scientific principles in everyday objects and occurrences in our lives, rather than speaking about arcane scientific theories only. There are several interactive exhibits as well, where visitors can get hands-on experience of understanding scientific principles.

Philadelphia Museum of Art: Once you are done with science, it is time for you to appreciate the Arts at the third largest art museum in the USA. The steps leading up to the museum have been immortalized in the movie ‘Rocky,’ but the insides are equally interesting. You can sample the artistic ethos of many generations and several geographies here.

National Constitution Centre: Did you know that Philadelphia has the only museum in the USA dedicated to the United States Constitution? You will get to watch an educative yet entertaining live performance as you enter the museum. There are 42 life-size statues of each of the persons present during the signing of the constitution, among other interesting exhibits.


These are just seven destinations we chose based on our choice, but Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, has so many attractions, that just one visit might not be enough.



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