Top 10 Study Abroad Destinations for 2020


As per the Ministry of External Affairs about 5.86 lakh Indian students were studying in 86 different countries by the end of 2017. This interesting fact shows us how, many Indian students are aspiring to pursue education in a different country. Superior quality education, world class research facilities, diverse subjects to choose from, a different lifestyle, opportunity to travel and live independently are some of the factors that make studying abroad such an exciting prospect. If you too have been thinking of studying abroad, 2020 could be the perfect time for you to make this dream a reality. We have rounded up the ten best study abroad destinations that you can choose from based on your needs and preferences.

1. Canada

Known for its friendly people and diversity, Canada has emerged as one of the most preferred study abroad destinations by Indian students. With diverse courses to choose from, top quality education and promising stay back opportunities, Canada offers a wholesome package to aspiring students who wish to study abroad. With scope to lead a modern lifestyle amongst natural beauty, one can choose from some of the most reputed universities in the world. University of Alberta, University of Toronto, McGill University etc. are some of the best universities that you can choose from. From pursuing your education in health sciences, to studying in the field of mechanics, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a course in Canada.

2. Australia

The land down under is another option that is gaining a lot of popularity amongst students who wish to study abroad in Australia. With diverse courses in fields like agriculture, environmental study, business management etc., Australia has something to offer to students from diverse backgrounds. Famous for it’s modern facilities, immigrant friendly services and promising job opportunities, you can choose to study here if you wish to embark on a bright and promising career on a global platform. University of Newcastle, University of Adelaide, University of Melbourne etc. are some of the prestigious colleges that you can apply to if you wish to study in Australia. It is comparatively economical and there are many opportunities to get scholarships when you choose to study here.

3. UK

One of the most famous study abroad destinations, UK has bounced back as a favourite after it extended the stay back period for foreign students. This recent development has revived it’s position as a preferred destination amongst international students who wish to study here. Home to some of the most reputed institutions in the world, studying in UK opens doors to a promising career. With an opportunity to gain exposure to people from all over the world, one can enjoy a comfortable life in a modern Country. Apart from this, one can also visit the beautiful places that UK is surrounded by. University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, The University of Manchester etc. are some of the colleges that you can apply to. There are a wide array of UG, PG , diploma and PhD courses that you can choose from based on your interest. UK has been home to one of the finest education systems, and you make the most of this by choosing to study here.

4. USA

Another study abroad destination that never fails to appear on a student’s list, studying in the US has been a dream that’s harboured by many. The big American dream is not just a statement, but the motto of many foreign students who truly believe that they can enjoy a successful and happy life in this country. Home to Universities like Harvard, Columbia University etc. USA offers a promising educational opportunity to aspiring students. From courses in engineering to art and filmmaking, you can choose a field of interest that you are drawn to and enjoy world class education and learn from the best. Unexplored natural beauty and a modern life await those who wish to study in this Country.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand has become a recent favorite amongst foreign students. Blessed with natural bounty, friendly people and many exciting opportunities for those who wish to settle down, New Zealand is quickly becoming a popular choice for many. It has some of the best research facilities in the world and is home to some of the most prestigious colleges recognized globally. One can enjoy a reasonable cost of living and enjoy a peaceful life while studying a subject that they wish to pursue. University of Auckland, University of Canterbury, University of Waikato etc are some of oldest and well established educational institutions in New Zealand that are counted amongst the best in the world. Generous grants and scholarships are yet another incentive that make this destination a preferred choice for international students.

6. Germany

Another choice that is a hit amongst foreign students, Germany is chosen by a niche group of students. Simple and modern life and access to some of the best educational institutions is what you can expect if you wish to study in Germany. Start your German lessons already because you may have to familiarise yourself with the local language to easily blend in. Home to some of the best colleges in the world, you can choose a course in Architecture, engineering or an MBA based on your preference. Humboldt Universitat Zu Berlin, Ludwig Maximilian and Technische Universitat Munchen are some of the colleges that draw students from around the world.

7. China

It might surprise you to see China on the list, but what could be more surprising is to know that China is also one of the hot favorite amongst foreign students owing to a lot of factors. The cost of studying here is much more reasonable than other countries and one can choose from a list of diverse courses that you can study here. Considered the next super power, China has an excellent education system in place. Nanjing University, Tsinghua University, Peking University etc. are some of the famous colleges here. If you are looking for a budget friendly option, while also considering uncompromised quality of education, China could be the perfect choice for you.

8. Ireland

If you wish to study in Europe while not spending a lot of money, Ireland could be the ideal choice for you. Home to friendly people, surreal landscapes and many world renown Universities, Ireland has everything that your dream study destination should have. The rich history, different languages and part time job opportunities are some more attractive features that make Ireland a preferred destination amongst foreign students. The Dublin Business School, Griffith College, Maynooth University etc. are some of the places that you can apply to.

9. Singapore

Another budget friendly option for Indian students, Singapore is perfect to secure high quality education within a reasonable budget. Singapore is clean, safe and full of exciting opportunities for those who wish to study and work on a global level. You could choose an MBA or a course in Tourism, the choices are diverse for those who wish to study here. Nanyang Technological University, SIM University and National University of Singapore are some of the famous education institutions located here.

10. UAE

Another destination that’s becoming a steady favourite amongst international students, UAE too offers some exciting opportunities to aspiring students. With world class infrastructure, transport and amenities, studying in UAE will give you a chance to enjoy a modern life in a reasonable budget. Zayed University, Abu Dhabi University,

Gulf Medical University etc. are some of the best Universities in this Country that offer diverse courses. With an aim to prepare students to face the practical world, one can enjoy a well balanced life while living in one of the Emirates.

We hope that this list helps you shortlist the perfect location to pursue your dream course. It is imperative to consider your preferences, budget and long term goals while looking for international destinations to study at.


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