Top 10 Cosmetic Brands that will make you more Beautiful!


Everyone wants to look attractive. Makeup is a good way to beautify your looks. A number of cosmetic brands have evolved over time. They provide a wide range of cosmetics and skincare products to meet the customers’ requirement. Cosmetic boxes play a significant role in highlighting your products. The make them attractive for a large target audience. Especially the women are interested in exploring new brands. The use of cosmetics has become an essential part of a woman life. The desire to look perfect is growing exponentially in every class. In this changing era, even men have inclined towards the use of cosmetic products like hair gels, whitening lotions, and face creams. Makeup lovers are in a constant effort of finding something new to make a style statement. Below is a comprehensive description of the top 10 cosmetic brands of 2019:


Maybelline is one of the biggest cosmetic brands famous worldwide. It was founded in 1915 with headquarters in New York, United States. It offers a wide range of skin care, beauty, and cosmetic products. Its wide range of natural cosmetics is attractive enough to impress any woman. It offers gift boxes for cosmetic for various occasions. The brand uses advanced technology to create its products. Some of the new releases include eye studio (an eye product) and Fit me (a facial product). It produces a wide range of sensational color to shade the lips.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay:

Urban Decay is an American cosmetic brand with headquarters in California. The brand was founded in 1996 targeting youngest customers for selling their products. Its product range includes a wide collection of nail color, lip products, body care, face, eye care, and other beauty care products. Some of the high-level stores like Ulta and Sephora deal with this brand. Urban Decay also offers skin and hygiene products. They have become the main reason for the brand’s popularity. Some of its best seller items are Naked palettes and budge-proof mascara etc. Custom cosmetic packaging is designed in a way to complement the products.



The brand was founded in 1961with headquarters in Maryland, USA. In 1989 it was attained by Procter and Gamble and in 2016 it became a part of Coty Inc Company. Covergirl is famous for its beauty and cosmetic products including lip care, skin care, and products for sun protection. The brand was also nominated as the best beauty care company. Its products are highly affordable.



It is an old brand founded in 1886. The brand has headquarters in New York City, USA. Avon offers a large collection of cosmetics, skin care and beauty care products, perfumes, hair products along with clothes and toys. The brand sells its products directly. The Custom Boxes provides well- designed cosmetic boxes for products’ packaging. They are highly reliable and luxurious.



The company was founded in 1932. Revlon‘s headquarters are also located in New York, USA. It is famous for its skin care, hair care, and personal care range. It also offers a good collection of cosmetics, nail colors and fragrances. The brand was also launched in India in 1995. Today, Revlon is considered one of the world’s famous brands. It helped women in enhancing their looks by providing new products in various colors.



The brand was founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 1930. At the start, the company provided its products and services to luxurious hotels and dermatologists. In 1994, it was purchased by Johnson & Johnson for $924 million. Now it’s an American brand which offers skin care products, makeup and cosmetics, bath and body products, lotions, moisturizers, cleansers, hair care, and men’s skin products. It has also started products for acne and anti-aging. The professionals work on every little detail of cosmetic box packaging design to deliver a high-quality product to the customers.



MAC is another popular name in the list of 2019 cosmetic brands. The brand manufactures its products in Toronto, Canada. It was founded in 1984 and become one of the excellent brands in less time. Its beauty and cosmetic products are sold worldwide. The foundations and concealer are known for their outstanding results. It offers different shades of lipsticks in pleasing quality. MAC products are used by professional makeup artists around the world.



L’Oreal is one of the best and largest cosmetic brands. It is favorite for a number of people worldwide. The company offers hair color and hair care products, skin care, perfumes, cosmetics, makeup and much more. L’Oreal was founded in 1909 with an office in Paris and headquarters in Clichy. It is famous for its custom cosmetic packaging. Its research and development team works continuously work in the field of dermatology, bio-pharmaceuticals and tissue engineering. L’Oreal offers unique and modern products both for men and women.



The brand was founded in 1967 in Sweden. Oriflame is well-known for its perfumes, skin care and beauty care products, cosmetics and a number of products for wellness. The company sells its products in more than 60 countries worldwide. Although the company originated in Sweden, it has also started its operation in Switzerland.


Clinique is a leading American brand. It was founded in 1968 with headquarters in New York City. Clinique is a part of Estee Lauder Group of Companies. The brand is famous for its sensitive skin products. Other impressive products of this brand include mascara, blushes, concealer, and foundations. They are enclosed in artistically designed custom cosmetic boxes to keep them safe. All of its products are trustworthy and prepared under the guidance of dermatological experts. They are lined with an anti-bacterial coating. The products are also available in popular departmental stores.


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