Tips to Embrace Memes to Boost Marketing


Social media and memes go hand in hand. Both are used to connect to people online.

Memes are widely used on social media platforms. To solve humorous purposes memes are used. They are entertaining, funny and can be easily consumed. Other than pleasing the eyes, memes are popularly used for marketing. Social media is that platform where an individual spends his 4-5 hours of a day. Clinching this opportunity, today businesses are communicating with their targeted audiences via meme language. Meme characters like LOLcats, Grumpy Cat and Doge have today become internet culture’s essential part. These meme characters are being used in various creative ways either for advertising for a product or to share various ideas.

While marketing for your products and services on social media platforms, you should use memes as they can augment your marketing strategies. Not a single internet user can stop himself from watching a meme if he comes across any as they are highly visible.

Instead of making efforts to create a new meme, you can simply pick one that has already gained traction and ride on its popularity. Memes have nothing to do with plagiarism. Same image can be used repeatedly with unique quotes, captions or content.

PixTeller is the best tool which can be used for editing the image or animation. With this tool you can create unique animated GIFs, video stories and quote pictures with comprehensible templates.

Highlight on Memes

Memes are hilarious videos or funny pictures that you come across on the internet often with different captions or text messages written in bold letters. As per the purpose, captions are given to memes. With continuous popularity of social media pages, memes have enabled a lot many brands to market their products and services effortlessly and effectively.

Regardless of the social media you are using, you are surely going to come across thousands of memes that get posted every day. The companies have understood that people prefer watching humorous, funny and unique jokes; hence they are making use of memes and posting them on social media pages to grab the attention of the audiences.

The features of Memes are:

  • Completely Free
  • Easy creation
  • Easily consumed
  • Easy to share
  • No plagiarism issues
  • Best substitute of blogs
  • Friendly
  • Already viral
  • Relatable to the target audience
  • Funny, smart, clever, or witty

Below have been listed a few famous and highly used memes:

  • Condescending Wonka
  • Doge
  • Grumpy Cat
  • LOLcats
  • Futurama Fry
  • Yu no
  • Evil Kermit
  • Success Kid
  • Scumbag Steve
  • Squinting Fry
  • Aliens guy

Almost every social media user is familiar with these memes as they have been posted, reposted, shared and reshared many times via text messages or on several social media platforms.

Best tools from where the widely used meme templates can be hijacked and spinned:

  • Make A Meme
  • Quick Meme
  • Meme Generator
  • Adobe Spark
  • IMGFlip
  • Canva

Tips to Create Attention Grabbing & Emotional Memes

  • Make Unique Memes

Try creating one of its kind original memes relating your business or brand. On creating unique memes you are presenting something new for your audiences that would help you in amplifying your marketing on social media.


You can take the example of Macdonald memes. The company has created several unique memes. With the help of these memes, the company successfully connects with its consumers. Another example can be the meme of Ruffles that came in 2018.

  • Spin A Viral Meme

Popular memes featuring Grumpy Cat have gone viral. Every viral meme often sparks good feelings or nostalgia and is easily recognizable. Spin those viral memes by adding content matching your business or brand. Know the meme’s back story as there are many contents and memes that are licensed. Hence, before using any among those licensed ones, make sure that you take legal permission from the owner.

You can use Good Guy Greg or Success Kid and spin them with your creative content.

  • Know Your Audience

Try to determine the tolerance level and sense of humour of your audience. Your meme should be created considering the interest of your audience, and then only they will enjoy viewing it. If your meme is enjoyed by your audience, it will be shared more and more because of which you can gain millions of followers on your social media page.

  • Instant Humour

Memes are unique in themselves because of their concept. Unable to create something witty or funny? Then you should hire a person who can create a humorous meme for you. Memes of Doge will always be used to portray sarcasm while the meme of a distracted boy can be used to represent things that distract people. It is your meme’s visual aspect on which you should focus. Memes are usually kept aligned and short for making it humorous.

  • Create Appealing Content

Now, when you have understood meme concept, it’s time for you to try your hands on creating appealing content that can be turned easily into a meme and posted and reposted on the internet.

  • Attach Sharing Buttons

To enable your audiences to share your memes on social media, make sure that you add a social sharing button. With the help of this button, your meme can be shared easily with a single click on various social media platforms.

  • Decide On Meme Theme

Definitely you are creating memes so that your audience can associate them with your brand. So, while creating them consider this goal and the feelings of your audience. Once your theme is decided, it will become easy for you to choose the image and add text to it.

Some of the popular text or theme ideas are:

  • Human things said by animals.
  • Classic or famous quotes.
  • Popular scenes from movies or television shows.
  • Popular movie or television show dialogues.
  • Punch lines or puns
  • Babies doing or saying adult things.
  • Be Like Bill

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Creating Memes

Whenever you try something new, there are chances that you fail to make it perfect 100%. Same is applicable while creating a meme. To ensure that your meme has been created as planned, you should refrain yourself from making the below stated mistakes:

  • Using Your Memes Incorrectly

Your brand or business image can get hampered if you use your meme incorrectly. Every meme portrays a meaningful message. Incorrect use of memes will annoy your audience. Hence, if you possess a very little knowledge on memes, it will be best for you to perform deep research on it to know everything about it.

  • Don’t Repost the Same Meme

Refrain yourself from posting the same meme without modifying its content. Not a single audience of yours will enjoy viewing the same thing again and again. They will get tired quickly. Show your creativity and add statements mimicking your audience.

  • Not Checking Copyrights

There are rare chances that you end up posting a meme that has already been licensed by some other company. Though plagiarism rule is not applicable in case of memes, but still there are a few memes which some companies own legally. Hence, if you don’t want to end-up with any plagiarism clan or a copyright breach, you must go through the rules of every meme before using and sharing it.

  • Posting Irrelevant Memes

Never make the mistake of posting irrelevant memes. Memes not going well with your brand will confuse your audience. Irrelevant memes fail to resonate aptly with your target audience and the ultimate result will be dilution of your brand.

  • Don’t Include Your Sales Pitch

While posting a meme, it should not look like you are overtly promoting for your business through your meme. Hence, don’t include your sales pitch or any business taglines into your meme.

Summing Up

Memes are relatable, easy and cheap to create and can boost your brand/business visibility. You can also do an experimental marketing for your brand/business using memes. All you have to do is to keep a track on the current trends, popular memes and figure out what your target audience finds interesting and funny. Hopefully, this blog written after a deep research would help you in creating an amazing meme for your brand.


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