Tips On How To Strengthen The Safety Of Your Home With Proper Security Doors


A security door indeed is the entry point to your home. Hence, along with wanting the door to offer security and strength, a homeowner will also want the door to look great as well. In the current age, nothing goes unsecured so it is vital to keep the home and its valuables safe. With the increase in the number of crime rates in different parts of Melbourne, homeowners have become all the more alert and as a result, has started installing security doors in their residential premises. Often people may think what is so special about a security door. Well, the answer is simple. It is the opening line of defense that will protect the home, its inhabitants, and the valuables at its best. The main aim of such doors is that it will stop unauthorized entry of intruders and trespassers thereby offering homeowners the peace of mind learning that their sweet home is safe as well as protected.

Tips to strengthen home safety with the installation of the right security door

  • Choose customized doors- no matter which type of security door a homeowner needs, the manufacturer along with custom designing can also help in building and installing the same according to their specifications. The good news is the modern machinery which shapes security doors is efficient and amazingly malleable which means a homeowner will no longer have to use prison-style bars on their entry door. Not only this security grille as well can be customized or tailored to suit the different architectural styles ranging from a cottage to contemporary. What’s more, the anodised power coatings too are available in assorted shades and are highly durable, which means the door will appear great for years. Choosing a customized security door will be a smart choice for strengthening the safety of the home
  • Strength equals to security- a homeowner today has the flexibility of upgrading their security as well by upgrading their locks in different ways.(a) The security door lock must either be a 5 pin cylinder or something equivalent
    (b) Avoid using aluminium rivets as these can be knocked out easily
    (c) A lock having 3 points will prevent the top or bottom of the door from getting wrenched back via an intruder or burglar and must also help in spreading the force of any attack
    (d) Always choose a security door that has a minimum of 3 hinges along with fixed hinge pins which cannot be removed
    (e) Fixed steel pins that are welded in the hinge leaf instead of those which are pressed into it will offer extra protection
    (f) If the selected security door has a grille system and a mesh, the grille’s cords must be a minimum of 7mm thick
    (g) The larger the pin naturally the better. The hinges ideally must be recessed or a security door must comprise of a hinge filling amid the frame and the door which will prevent access for crowbars
    (h) In fact, a single hinge which runs along the frame’s full length will perform the same job

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  • Explore the wide range of security doors- Today security doors are available in different types so it is good to get familiar with each in order to make the best deal. Some of the most widely used doors in Melbourne exclusively for security purpose are as follows,

(a) Federation style- Aluminium that is processed within a die-cast offer a Federation style door along with safety and finished with a powder coating for matching the home
(b) Aluminium grille and mesh- this will merge the strength of diamond shaped grilles attached to aluminium extruded frames with mesh
(c) Aluminium mesh- perforated aluminium sheets in the extruded aluminium frame offer security while being corrosion resistant, thereby making it an ideal pick for those residing near the sea
(d) Stainless steel- steel is amid the strongest material for a security door to which a steel mesh can be combined to offer more security
With myriads of materials, colors and styles of security doors available in the market, there is actually no reason as to why people should not invest in these doors to avail that extra protection. Simply follow the aforementioned tips and select the best security door to strengthen the safety of the home.


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