Tips For A Flawless Auto Window Tinting Everyone Should Know

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Window tints are widely used not for only medical purposes such as protection from UV radiations but for increasing the appeal, lowering the temperature of the interiors, and increasing privacy. However, if you are opting for an auto window tinting or thinking of DIY, then you must know the following tips and tricks that would give a flawless auto tint:

Choosing From the Variety

The first thing to consider is to what kind of tint you want. Are you in need of a UV sensitive tint? How much VLT or visible light transmission % do you need for your window tint? What color do you need? These are some of the parameters that you address before you opt for a window tint. Your tinting expert will probably ask you these when you are taking the car for tinting. This would save uptime, and you won’t need to remove the tint again in case you are not comfortable with the result. This would save up your window glass from scratches that could arise from removing the tint, which would take up time to clean as well. 

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Choosing Tiers

Tiers or tint quality is necessary to ponder about since you don’t want to have low-quality tints installed on your windows, which would probably come and tear off after some time. You should choose high tiered window tints that are made from high-quality materials, and would stick well. In case you are on a budget, choosing average tiered tints will also do the job. However, they would wear off after some time too.

Get UV in Addition

No matter what kind of the tint you are getting or for what purpose, you should opt for installing tints that are UV protected. Many people have UV sensitive, and they are to be exposed to sunlight almost all the time. Window tints are proven to block more than 90% of the UV radiations. They also enable the sunlight to escape from the car and not being trapped inside in case your car stays in sunlight for too long. Hence, opt for UV protected tints.

Getting Tinted

It does not necessary mean that you should tint all the glass associated with your car. That includes side mirrors and rear mirror. These are the mirrors that assist in driving. The rear window allows the driver to get a slight to peek from your car to what is coming in front of you, which assists them in overtaking. Having tinted side mirrors will make it difficult to view vehicles coming from the rear. In case you still want them tinted, make sure you opt for low opacity levels so that your driving isn’t disturbed.

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It is not necessary that once your tints are installed you are free to use them. You should wait at least a few days before you clean or roll down your windows. Let the tints dry for a perfect stick and try not to pull any corner or edge that is sticking out. Take it back to the installer to get it fixed. In addition, you can also ask your window tinting professional to clean the tints for you, since they will clean them efficiently without ripping them off.

Be Legal

Many states and places don’t allow window tinting due to security reasons. In addition, they also allow tinting as long as they are above the regulated tinting laws. Refer to these laws before installation.


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