The Worst Enemy Of A Mattress, Moisture

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Apart from that our mattress is better or worse, humidity, moisture our own, it is their main enemy. Not that the mattress will be more or less comfortable, not too much influence it sinks, it will depend on the quality of the mattress. What is certain is that moisture provides the best breeding ground for those nasty bugs that are mites. We speak of them in this post .

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Try to remove moisture from the mattresses is the best hygienic measure we can take. That which we have seen done from small, ventilate the room before making the bed, it is more important than it seems. Not just “clear the air” they said our mothers, is a good way to reduce our accumulated moisture mattress overnight.

Not all types of mattresses are equally affected by moisture we produce, this is a factor to keep in mind when buying one.

Latex mattresses, natural latex especially, are greatly affected by moisture. The low breath ability means that our perspiration buildup. It is true that today almost all blocks have latex ventilation channels that enhance this effect but not avoided altogether.

The memory foam mattresses King would be the next most affected by low breath ability. At this point it is useful to distinguish between viscoelastic foam (called open pore) or molded. The latter having more closed pores has major problems of breath ability.

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HR foam mattresses are better than the characteristics of viscoelastic ventilation and of course the latex. HR are not all the same but if they are good quality characterized by its open pore.

Finally, the mattresses are better dehumidify the spring . A spring housing is practically air, favoring ventilation absolutely. But beware, it is useless in this sense, have a spring mattress with a top layer of 10 cm viscoelastic. The cooling effect of the springs is limited by that layer.

In the market quilted mattress covers that are useful to remove some of the moisture to let go but they can not do it 100%.

So back to the beginning, our current rush might lead us to make the bed faster than we should, without having the window open for at least 15 minutes prior. Because we know that’s not right. Although it should not serve as excuses for some young children may leave the bed unmade for several days. I’m sure they do not prevent the mites.


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