The Traveler’s Journal: How to Keep the Adventure Alive


Each new trip you take is a call for an adventure – no matter if you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can always make the most of your trip by simply being open to new experiences, which is something that doesn’t come natural to a lot of people.

However, the great thing is this is something you can change, so you can finally stop watching your life as if it were a movie and so you can finally become the lead role and actually live it. The most beautiful thing about traveling is being completely free – you’re an in unfamiliar place with a completely different culture and everything is yet to be discovered.

But before you actually start with your adventure, you need to work on your mindset and make some changes to your usual travel routine in order to make room for some spontaneity and new memories. So, check out a few simple things that will help you have newfound respect for life.

Keep Your Notes Short
Although we’re convinced that some things will never slip our minds, I’m sure that this conviction is something you’re bound to let go eventually, because memories fade in time. I know this sounds sad and difficult to deal with, but it’s not like there’s nothing you can do about it.

Even though writing may not be your cup of tea, having a little notebook with you, filled with small notes with precise dates above them, will help you cherish even the smallest events and details – which is what an adventure is all about.

Work on Your Photography
The great thing about capturing mesmerizing photos on your travels is that you don’t really have to equip yourself with cutting edge technology and pricey gadgets, because your smartphone will do the trick here.

However, you should learn about all the options your camera offers, so that you know exactly what you’re dealing with and can capture great photos. Naturally, you can and should download additional apps that offer various filters or different modes for taking photos and have some fun with them.

Considering the fact that we live in a social media driven world, capturing great photos is not really enough. If you really do want to capture the attention of your friends or followers and social platforms, you should extend your knowledge when it comes to quality photo editing – it’s not a bad idea to hire or consult an image editing company when it comes to this matter and pick up a couple of tricks from the experienced professionals.

Talk to Real People
If you really want to learn about the true spirit of a culture that has no real similarities with yours, you need to step away from the internet and actually communicate with people. The barrier exists only because you placed it there and it doesn’t really matter if you’re an introvert or not, you should find a way to surpass this problem of yours, because your travels will become completely different – they will turn into a real adventure.

Collect Mementos
No, I don’t really mean souvenirs. Although you can also get a fridge magnet and have it remind you of a town you have visited sometime in the past whenever you enter your kitchen, I wanted to suggest something different – like keeping a bill from a new and exotic meal you had for the first time in your life and perhaps make it a part of your travel journal or some sort of adventure scrapbook.

Be Spontaneous and Get Involved
Sure, it’s very important that you plan your trip, bring everything that you might need, check the weather before you set off and exchange your money for the local currency. This will all save you a lot of time and trouble.
However, when you arrive you should wake up that curious child in you and let it play around. There are many online guides and apps that can help when it comes to deciding on the best places to go for a meal or a few drinks in the evening, but my sincere suggestion is to do some exploring by yourself and make your adventure personal and completely unlike anything that anyone ever did.


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