The Mysterious Death of the Sexiest Russian Female Spy’s Ex-husband


Little known Russian spy Anna Chapman ever divorced a British husband before arriving in the US and was arrested. Alex Chapman’s sudden death at the age of 36 has been controversial so far.

Alex Chapman was found dead in a house in Southampton, in the south of England in May 2015.

In front of the media, his family insisted that the bad guy died “for a natural cause”, but the government’s coroner’s assessment of the cause of death was “overdose of drugs.” ”

At that time Alex Chapman was divorced with his wife Anna – who was dubbed “the sexiest spy Russian”. Alex have released a lot of information about their private life when Anna became famous after the spy exchange between Russia and the US in 2010 in Vienna.

What is notable in Chapman’s case today? Sergei Skripal, 68, a double agent who worked for Britain’s military intelligence service and also for Russian military intelligence, is the man who was brought to Moscow by Anna Chapman.

Anna Chapman today is a successful woman in Russia – Photo: Instagram

Skripal and his daughter are in critical condition because of suspicion of being poisoned by Moscow in British territory, causing Russian-British relations to be strained.

A natural death?

The former colonel Skripal Poisoned in England, and once again the death of Alex Chapman attracted the attention of the media due to the same type of death.

“It was a painful moment, but Alex died of natural causes. There is nothing suspicious about it, I do not want to go into details, “said a Chapman family member who refused to reveal more information with the Daily Mail.

British opinion suggests that the Chapman family hide the cause of Alex’s death because he did not want her to  involve in the suspected death of anti-Kremlin characters in Britain, such as former spy Alexander Litvinenko.

Following the arrest of Anna in the United States, Alex Chapman caused a scandal in the UK when he announced sensitive personal information in the media. In contrast, in many interviews after her return to Russia, Anna has not talked about drugs when talking about a four-year marriage with Alex.

Anna lives a new life as an entrepreneur and television presenter; She is the favorite one by President Vladimir Putin and visited his home on the outskirts of Moscow.

Back to Alex Chapman, an investigation into his death was launched on 14-9-2015 by the Southampton Regional Inspectorate and the New Forest. The final report concludes that the cause of death is “drug overdose.”

Alex Chapman died in a house near the University of Southampton, but according to public records he does not live there.

Alex’s last living address was the resort town of Bournemouth in the south of England, where he rented a house with three friends.

Anna Chapman in a photo taken on the beach – photo: Instagram

It’s a short life, and it would not be worth saying if Alex’s red-haired, undiscovered ex-wife is a spy who seduces powerful figures in Washington DC.

A simple marriage

Anna and Alex Chapman met at a party in London in 2001. Anna was then a student and Alex recalls, “She was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.”

After months of intense dating in London and Moscow, the couple decided to secretly marry in Russia. It was also when Alex discovered his father-in-law Vasily Kushchenko was a former high-ranking official of the State Security Commission (KGB) – the Soviet Intelligence Agency.

On the wedding day, Alex wore an ugly suit, but that was all he could afford in Moscow. Couples also do not have a wedding ring because they can not afford it.

No guest was invited except for a single witness. Although the wedding is not solemn, the couple’s next few years of marriage are relatively peaceful.

In 2010, after Anna was arrested in the United States, Alex began appearing in the press telling that her wife had changed in four years of marriage. She began to infiltrate into rich Russian ethnic groups to communicate with them.

For the part about Anna, she spends most of her time talking about her first marriage.

“My marriage is pure and Alex is my love, I still remember those days we are together, I ask you not to search for a secret motive, because there is no motive.”- Anna recalled in an interview in 2011.

“The two families did not know anything about our relationship and plans, they would almost certainly not agree to this marriage, and after that I became closer to my parents-in-law.

I wear graduation gowns at the wedding ceremony. I just wear it exactly three times, it’s the graduation day, the first day we met Alex and the day we got married, “Anna recalls.

Anna Chapman Photo: Instagram

After the marriage, Anna moved to the United States and lived in New York City with the $ 1 million donated by the Russian government, the girl set up a real estate business on the internet.

But according to the FBI, the business was just a vigilante for Anna’s espionage activity, and she was part of a group called the “Illegal Program.”

Anna was arrested in 2010 along with nine other Russian spies, who lived a seemingly normal life in American communities. She pleaded guilty to spying for foreign government.

Before Alex Chapman death, he said to press that he had lost contact with her ex-wife, and he was not surprised to learn that she was a Russian spy.

“Everything is justified, the way she behaves, and the powerful people she talks … I do not know she is a spy, but I suppose she was trained and prepared for That day, “Alex said.


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