The London Appeal: 5 Things to Do in London

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Samuel Johnson once said, “If a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” Old world elegance, rich history and high culture have blended effortlessly with the 21st century lifestyle, imparting this amusing city a not-to-be missed appeal. England’s capital, set on the Thames River; this small yet amazing city offers an overwhelming degree of choice in terms of cultural attractions, top-notch restaurants and endless entertainment options. Since the city has so much to offer, it is just impossible to even get even a glimpse of it all on one trip. Therefore, we have divided the things you can do in London on the basis of people’s distinct interest, so that you can get the best of what amuses you the most.

For Art enthusiasts

There are innumerable museums and art galleries in London to keep you occupied for a long time. There is the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, which is so famous that it doesn’t even need mentioning; Tate modern art gallery; Victoria and Albert Museum hosting world-class decorative art and designs; National portrait gallery and much more.

Art enthusiast can also relish in the city’s rich architecture from ancient times. These great pieces of art from history have become popular tourist attractions like The Big Ben- London’s iconic timepiece; Tower of London- a medieval castle housing the crown jewels or the Tower Bridge- an iconic Victorian turreted bridge.

For History Buffs

London is filled with so much of history that there is more to see and do, than what can be accomplished in a single visit. There is British Museum, also known as a historian’s treasure trove; Churchill’s war room for those interested in the history of Second World War, the Shakespeare Globe Theater honoring Shakespearean times.

An expert tip: Stay at any top-class hotel in London can burn a hole in your pocket. Budget minded history buffs should focus on saving such expenses. You can pick a hotel close to London Underground, that way to economical public transport too.

For Nature Lovers

London offers plenty of escape options from the hustle of crowded city life. A walk through one of the scenic parks or natural reserves can help you witness the serene and celestial beauty of Mother Nature. Wandering through the Isabella plantation, hidden in the Richmond Park’s bushy corners is no less than a delight to the eyes. Then there is Little Venice, which is London’s most breath taking and picture perfect views.

Food & Shopping

Broadway market is practically a kaleidoscope of exquisite tastes and rich culture. A visit on a fine Saturday can make up for your entire trip. You can find some of the best food options and great clothing shops here. Oxford Street is another great shopping option to explore. Regent street and Jermyn Street also presents many impressive options for those who love to shop.

Now you can prepare your things to-do in London list with the help of insights from this article. Get, set, go visit London!


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