The existence of Chinese warships in the Indian Ocean is not new


India’s anxiety has increased after China has deployed 11 warships in the eastern Indian Ocean. China has taken this step when Maldives is passing through a political crisis and the emergency time has been extended for 30 days. Whereas these ships have been deployed, it is not only close to India but also during this time that the ships of the Indian Navy and the Chinese warships were very close. It has also been found in media reports that in response to this, India has also sent its 8 warship in the Indian Ocean, which can monitor the activities of the Chinese. Let me tell you here that this is not the first time that the Chinese Navy’s warship has appeared in theIndian Ocean. Earlier, about 14 warships of China had appeared here. Apart from this, similar things were seen in April and July.


Navy chief

Indian naval chief Sunil Lamba has strongly objected to this attitude of China. They say that China is executing this kind of action, whether it is sending its warship fleet in the Indian Ocean or sending it to its army in Dokalam. Such decisions have worked to increase tension in the area. Apart from this, they have also expressed strong displeasure over the border between India and China for siege under Western Command. Here the Chinese Army has deployed light and multi-functional battleship aircraft J-10 and single seater twin engine jet jet J-11.

Investing in China’s Maldives

Let us tell you that China has invested heavily in the Maldives and has made a free trade agreement between the two countries. Not only this, China is also building a ship with the Friendship Bridge in the Maldives. Maldives is strategically important for China. This is because he can keep an eye on the Indian Navy from here. Earlier, he has fully interfered in Hambantota of Sri Lanka. His best efforts are to limit and monitor the Indian Navy in the Indian Ocean, which is very dangerous according to Indian strategy.

Ship in China fleet

According to China’s news portal, the ships that China has sent in this area include a frigate, 30,000 tonnes of an amphibius transport dock and three tankers in addition to the fleet of destroyers ships. It is said in the report that China’s naval ships include a vessel on which the aircraft, helicopters can descend. It said that the three naval ships of the People’s Liberation Army are in three main areas in Eastern, South and West Indian Ocean.

Answer to many things not given in the portal

Although the deployment of these portals or their presence in this portal has not been linked to the political crisis of the Maldives, nor has it given any concrete reason. The portal did not even tell how long this fleet will stay here. Although this portal has admitted that where they have been deployed, there is no gap between the Indian and Chinese Navy from that place. On their deployment, China’s army PLA had also given information on their social media app vibo and posted some photos.

Old rivalry

Rivalry between India and China is not hidden from anyone regarding the impact of the Maldives. Yameen has signed an agreement with China for the Belt and Road project and has indicated the Chinese influence will increase. India has a long political and security relationship with Maldives. India opposes China’s presence in the Maldives China is making an agreement with the countries of Asia and Africa on the Belt and Road Initiative.

China advises India on the Maldives

Tell you that the President of Maldives, Abdullah Yameen is considered to be close to China. Whereas former President Mohamed Nasheed is considered close to India. He has already demanded military help from India after the emergency in Maldives. In the past, China’s official newspaper Global Times had written that India should not be seen to be close to the Maldives of China in terms of suspicion. The newspaper said that as the country has the right to build and strengthen relations with any country, it is precisely what the Maldives also have. India should respect it.


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