Take Me to Hong Kong – Want to Eat the Best Dim Sum Dishes


The shrimp dumplings are dubbed the king of dim sum dishes. This dish is also a measure for customers to evaluate the quality of a dim sum restaurant.

A delicious traditional slice of bread is defined as having at least seven folds – a testament to the chef’s skilful workmanship and thin breadcrumbs to reveal the pale pink meat inside.

This dish is best when the kernel is made from fresh shrimps with chili sauce.

Address: Man Wah, 25 / F, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 5 Connaught Road Central.

Vietnanese Meatball

This dish originated from Mongolia, then imported to China and quickly spread to the all region.

Picture: ChinaDictionary

Cantonese cuisine is a popular delicacy famous all over the world. Essentially, this dish is made from pork loin and then added with shrimp paste. All wrapped in bread crumbs made from wheat. Dimensions should be small enough to eat after two bites.

In Hong Kong, the dish is so popular that people can shop at street vendors for light snacks. Commercial streets often flooded with the smell of soy sauce, and the dishes are sold in sticks, ready to be sold quickly, neatly and quickly.

Picture: Soupbelly

Address: Fook Lam Moon Restaurant , 35-45 Johnston Road, Wanchai.


Traditional food is steamed with bamboo basket for the best taste and softness. Today, this item has some variations depending on the region. However, about the rules of eating dim sum, the dumplings are usually served at the end of the meal.

Picture: Taste Of Asian Food

Tim Ho Wan restaurant is the most famous for dumplings. This place has been certified Michelin star so you can rest assured when enjoying dim sum.

Address: Tim Ho Wan, Shop 12A Hong Kong Station (Podium Level 1 IFC Mall) Central, Hong Kong.

Chicken legs

Chicken legs are one of the most delicious dim sum and indispensable, especially for Cantonese food lovers.

Picture: Yelp

One of the things that you should try is the chicken abalone sauce. Skin and chicken cartilage are cooked as softly and melt in the mouth without chewing. Make sure you want to eat extra if you have a chance to come to Hong Kong for a second time.

Address: Lei Garden Restaurant, 1 / F, CNT Tower, 338 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Rice flour rolls

Rice flour rolls are made from rolled wheat flour and shaped in thin pieces and then steamed, with meat inside or rolled. All are soaked in soy sauce.

Picture: Eat What Tonight

Some places do not serve bread rolls, sprinkle with less peanuts, sesame and sauce.

The delicious rice cake rolls will make you feel the sweetness of the cake, the thin soft cake is like melting in the mouth. When eaten with soy sauce, the taste is much richer.


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