Syria – Chemical attacks: Dozens of Suffocation Cases in Eastern Ghouta


The use of chemical weapons in Syria, especially in eastern Ghouta, is becoming more and more accurate. In the night of Wednesday alone, at least 60 people had severe symptoms. The international community is moving and punching the table for the moment without any result.

In Syria , dozens of cases of suffocation were reported after air raids by the Syrian regime and its Russian ally on the rebel stronghold in Eastern Ghouta, said Thursday an NGO, medical staff evoking a likely chemical attack.

In Eastern Ghouta – toxic gas on their bodies | AFP


In the night of Wednesday alone, at least 60 people suffered respiratory difficulties in the localities of Saqba and Hammouriyé, after air strikes, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SORH).

Syrian and Russian Planes

According to the NGO, the raids were led by the regime’s avenues and Russia, an unwavering ally of Damascus who has denied in the past conduct strikes in Eastern Ghouta.

Doctors at a medical facility in the rebel enclave said they had treated at least 29 patients with symptoms of chlorine gas exposure, according to the Syrian-American Medical Society (SAMS), an NGO that supports medical centers in Syria.

“Due to a chlorine gas attack in Eastern Ghouta, patients are suffering from severe breathing difficulties, ” SAMS reported late Wednesday on social media.

Children Ceaselessly Cough

The regime is carrying out an unprecedented offensive against the rebel enclave in eastern Ghouta, on the outskirts of Damascus, and the bombings have killed more than 860 civilians since 18 February.

In the locality of Hammouriyé, dozens of people, women and children leave the basements where they are hiding to escape the air raids and settle on a roof in the hope of being able to breathe better.

The parents undressed the coughing children to wash them down with water, and try to eliminate a possible presence of toxic gas on their bodies.

Chlorine Gas

Similar cases of suffocation have already been reported twice in recent days in the rebel enclave, according to the SOHR.

The Syrian regime, which has repeatedly denied using chemical weapons, has been singled out in recent weeks for alleged attacks of chlorine gas.

These accusations, “unrealistic” according to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, caused an uproar on the international scene, Washington and Paris waving the threat of strikes in Syria.


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