Sulfate free shampoo: Why sulfate is to be avoided?


The fact is that people are becoming more health conscious and sulfate free shampoo is the in-thing in the market with people’s demand for such type of products at a fast pace. There has been an emerging need for hair care items, which also include conditioners not containing sulfates. Several reasons are cited for people to avoid their regular shampoos.

Offering enhanced safety
The sulfate free shampoo provides safety to the users, something that is not guaranteed by the regular shampoos. Before going ahead to purchase and use SLS Free shampoos, it is quite necessary for the person to understand what exactly makes sulfates unhealthy as well as the impact which it can have on the user’s hair and body.

About sulfates
These are regarded to be a compound type that helps to eliminate grease through chemical reactions. Such compounds are also called surfactants, which are noticed to be used in soaps and detergents. A good amount of lather is created by the compounds. However, it should not be any guarantee for being safe.

Risks associated with using sulfate products
There are few reasons for health conscious users to avoid sulfate rich shampoos.

  1. Sulfates have been termed to be strong degreasers. It can be a wonderful thing when washing cars or trying to eliminate grease present in equipment and machineries. According to the health experts, it is definitely wrong to use strong chemicals on the hair. At the same time, it also removes the essential oils, which are required for lubricating the hair and keeping it healthy. Sulfates do dry out the hair, with the result being thinning, brittle hair having no shine.
  2. The hair roots also get clogged due to sulfates. If the scalp is not rinsed thoroughly after shampooing, then the chances of hair follicles getting choked by sulfates is very high. It affects the hair negatively, often causing hair loss.
  3. Few cancer types have been linked with sulfates. They might cause issues like male infertility.

The above are stated to be few of the strong reasons for one to avoid sulfate shampoos. These do tend to affect the user’s health immensely and hence are better avoided. Besides this, they can also destroy the hair by having the necessary sebum coating present in it to be removed, helping the user to realize why the regular shampoos are not more to be used.

However, unfortunately, using sulfates in shampoos has been quite widespread that people until recently did not have any choice, but buy them. This way, they risked promoting greasy, dirty hair. But with awareness about the different threats that are posed by sulfates, several pharmaceutical companies and laboratories have started to produce hair care products which do not contain sulfates.

A good sulfate free shampoo is one that offers rejuvenation of hair and makes it completely refreshed. They are designed to target loss of hair. If the person is constantly worried about the hair condition, then it would be wise enough to switch on to the sulfate free products.


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