Steve Jobs had already warned Mark Zuckerberg about caring for privacy in 2010

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There is no secret for anyone that put Mark Zuckerberg into a bad moment. Since what happened with Cambridge Analytica , Facebook has lost users trust and brand value in the social network. Mistrust revolves around the platform under complaints of mishandling user data. Anyone would say that Zuckerberg had the bad luck to be the first to pay for the broken dishes, but the truth is that Steve Jobs had already warned about the care of personal information a while ago.

“All Things Digital” conference of The Wall Street Journal was held in 2010. In this event Steve Jobs spoke especially about the privacy of users.

It is known that the words of the then CEO of Apple were heard by the Facebook, because it was scheduled that he was going to interview Zuckerberg later. So I was sitting there, supposedly paying attention to what Jobs was saying.

What did Steve Jobs say?
The interviewer did not even try to be cautious when asking the question, because he referred directly to Facebook. “This is something that people want to know, I’m sorry, Mark (…) is privacy something that looks different in Silicon Valley than in the rest of …”

At that moment Jobs interrupts sharply the question:

“No. Silicon Valley is not monolithic. We have always had a different point of view on privacy than certain of our colleagues. We take privacy extremely seriously. ”

His explanation continues to exemplify how the free use of Geo-location can allow a minor of 14 year to be harassed. He mentioned that if they were so careless, something very bad could happen because of their cell phones. Similarly, he explained how he always asked users about the use of location:

Before each application can get location data, they must call our service and we put a panel. “This app wants to know your location, do you think that’s right? ” This happens every time they want to use that information.”

Another note from the late CEO of Apple was about his rejection of the existence of many applications in his App Store. According to him this is because the applications request a lot of information from the user.

Privacy means that people know what they are registering for (…) I am optimistic, and I think people are smart. Some people want to share more information than others. But you have to ask them. Ask them at any time that is necessary. Ask them until they tell you they do not want you to ask them more. Ask them until they get tired. Let them know exactly what you are going to do with their information.”


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