Spirit on the top of Fansipan: Road to the Heaven of Flying Clouds


Reciting the feast is the masterpiece between the cloud of the mountain wind, so that the Vietnamese have a sacred destination to worship.

Spring in the spiritual community at the top Fansipan – Photo: SG

Road to the heaven of flying clouds

We went to Fansipan on the early spring. The temperature is down to the level, the rain so dim that people standing half meter also sunk in the blur. The wind whizzed, ready to throw down the footsteps.

Step by step in this “giant refrigerator”, to understand, to create a “cloud in the city” Fansipan as the virtual live followers, who make the cable car and works on top. How brave this high was.

Nguyen Tuan Anh – Sun World Fansipan Legend staff – leads us to a new spiritual community inaugurated on the summit. At the height of 3,000m, the Buddha Amitabha bronze statue of 21.5m high horns majestic.

From the Buddha statue, the Arhat Road – where 18 statues of Arhat, a bronze statue of 2.5m high compassion, quietly in the clouds – will lead to the Kim Son Bao Thang Temple. Along the way, hundreds of years old rhododendron trees stretching themselves in the cold, are bursting buds, waiting to March is blossoming in white, yellow, red, purple… Step on the road, Like walking in the magical realm.

As a group of paintings that existed at the top of the sacred Fansipan many years ago, Kim Son Bao Thang himself carries the ancient beauty of Vietnamese wooden temples dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries. In that population, Bao Bao Power is the place where many statues of Buddha are created, with a fairy-tale wooden core, silver lacquer, especially the Amitabha statue sitting 3.8m high.

The Ta Vu – Huu Vu corridor of Bao Dai Palace set 18 Arhat Han wood with 2m high jackets. Standing in front of these majestic Buddhas, seeing the greed, anger, delusion in the fleeting moment.

Cable car to Fansipan peak – Photo: SG

On the main axis of the population is a tower of 11 storeys, 20m high, made of monolithic stone architecture style inherited Pho Minh temple in Nam Dinh – where the relics of Tran Nhan Tong Buddha.

Statue of 9m high, resting on a rock towering high, face towards the clouds and mountain scenic vigorous, Dai Hong Chung high tower with 35m high bell tower roof … go to the spiritual population at the top Fansipan, also is just up to the legendary 3,143m, where only a few dozen stone steps. Touching the roof of Indochina, dissolve the soul in the cloud mountain slash … no place bồng lai or psychic realms in the land of Vietnam possess such magical beauty.

Power source masterpiece

Talking with Professor – architect Hoang Dao Glass, who designed the spiritual population at the top Fansipan, new insights to build the paintings as “grow out of rock” is a feat.

“In the history of Buddhism in Vietnam,” said Prof. Glass, “has never built such majestic spiritual buildings at such high heights as Fansipan, especially in harsh mountain conditions, rain, high humidity, strong wind, freezing … “.

GS Glass also called the construction process of this spiritual architecture is a feat. Tens of thousands of tons of solid stone, thousands of cubic meters of wood, tens of thousands of restored tile, all materials for the construction of pagodas, stupas, bell towers and thousands of stone steps bent on each earth has been transported. Hand crafted by hand, cable and human power to the top, under extremely harsh conditions when standing on the top of the mountain it was hard enough.

Professor, architect Hoang Dao Glass

With the principle of respecting and minimizing the interference in nature, attaching to nature, standing in the nature, the complex of spiritual projects is carefully planned to every detail.

Professor Hoang Dao Kinh said: “We choose the right size, do not create large terraces, do not create straight walkways but divided into small items to integrate how harmonious with the natural scene “.

In this spiritual building, Amitabha Buddha statue is literally “accomplished”, when applying the technique of construction for the first time in Vietnam.

This is not a common foundry statue that is made up of thousands of thousands of 5mm thick copper plates machined in place, clad in a steel frame structure with a volume of nearly 1,000 m3.

“There has not been any such feat,” said Prof. Hoang Dao Kinh, in his admiration for the people he has joined in drawing the hearts of both the design team and the Sun Group.

At the Feast of Fansipan in early 2018, Venerable Thich Duc Thien – Vice President, General Secretary of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangh Association, said: “These are the wonders of the 21st century. These are the legacies that we leave behind for the next, to continue our father’s cultural background from the past, the present, the future.”

Spreading the source of culture, putting spiritual masterpieces in the masterpiece of nature, to the next life also mark forever, that desire has become a motivation to help hundreds of people overcome the frozen time, Through the deep, cliff rugged, to “paving stone to the sky,” the Buddha statues and spiritual wonders at the top Fansipan.


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