Speaking on the Pakistan Army and the Bangladeshi infiltration


Army chief Bipin Rawat spoke on the issue of objection and Bangladeshi intrusion. On Wednesday, the Army Chief said that there is no need to worry about the issue of dormant issues, the situation of the dockyard is now good. Referring to the Siliguri corridor during the Doklam controversy, the Army Chief said that the danger can be taken care of, but we have to look at the problems of the North East with totality. He said that Pakistan is behind the Bangladeshi infiltration in the northeast of India.

Army Chief Bipin Rawat

‘Do not worry about Doklam now’

In the past, there has been an atmosphere of panic between India and China regarding the road to the disputed section. Indian army prevented China from making road After that there was a standoff between the two countries for 73 days. Indeed, the distance of the Siliguri corridor of India from Doklam area is quite small, which connects the Northeast (North East) to the rest of India. It is believed that through Doklam, China’s eyes are on the Siliguri corridor, which allows it to capture many areas of the North East. In a conference on Wednesday, the Army Chief has made it clear that there is no need to worry. Earlier this month, General Rawat, Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval went on a tour of Bhutan. In this tour, he discussed the situation of Doklam with the top leadership of the Bhutan government. This was the first Bhutan tour of top Indian officials after the Doklam controversy. Both sides kept it confidential.

The neighboring country is increasing its economic and military capabilities

At the same time, Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lamba warned about China’s intentions, saying that it is increasing its economic and military capabilities. Addressing a conference in New Delhi on Wednesday, he said that he has been continuously adopting aggressive attitude towards the border. Apart from this, it is clear from last year’s Doklam standoff that the Siliguri corridor is not out of danger.

The entire LAC clashes with China

Admiral Lamba said that the entire Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China’s army often leads to clashes. This skirmish is due to the efforts of the encroachment by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). He said that the large area of the Northeast meets the international border line. They also emphasized on building structures in this area and increasing contact with other parts of the country.


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