Social media affecting teen’s real life


Los Angeles: The most impact on the social media site is seen on adolescents. Adolescents who spend most of their time on these sites do not even know when it has dominated their real life. This thing came out in a research.

According to researchers from the University of California, America, this is due to a different kind of digital divide. Professor Kandice said, “The smartphone is the biggest mirror of the problems in children. The impact of adolescents coming from low-income families on social media affects their real life the most. Because of this, many times he gets stuck in an unimportant battle.

According to the research conducted in 2015, about 92 percent of poor teenagers are using the internet and 65 percent have smartphones. At the same time 97 percent of the households are using the internet and 69 percent have smartphones. Kandice say that teenagers who are victims of exploitation on social media should be given extra help from their parents, schools and other institutions.

Today, most people are using social media opportunities as a part of the digital era. But any child who is struggling in social media is more in need of advice from outside world and family.


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