Snow Holidays: Choose your Accommodation and Food Properly

Snow holidays

As for the summer holidays, there is a varied offer of accommodation in the snow. Everything will depend on your choice of what you aspire to, the number of people, the environmental context, and the objectives. A couple of young single athletes will not want the same things as a family with young and old children.

Good to know: regardless of the type of rental chosen, the rates will be higher in high season and during school holidays.

The Hotel: This is certainly not the cheapest solution, but undoubtedly the most comfortable, especially if you choose the all-inclusive formula, with meals included. You will be able to devote yourself only to your passion and to cross the tracks from morning to evening without worrying about the stewardship. Ideal to feel cocooned and taken care of, the hotel must however be booked well in advance if you want to benefit from an ideal location and varied services.

The Apartment: Ideal for those who want to live in their own space, the apartment for rent allows them to organize themselves freely. Be careful, however, to have been able to identify in advance where to get supplies for the races, and to check what equipment is available, household appliances, ski locker, number of blankets. It is also good to have inquired about the location of the accommodation in relation to the slopes, and whether you will need to use the car to get there.

The Chalet: Similar to the apartment in terms of organization, the chalet gives a greater feeling of freedom and autonomy. For many, it symbolizes the authenticity of a holiday in the snow, with evenings by the fireside and tobogganing in the surrounding spaces or gardens. Whether you are a group of friends or a family that brings together all generations for the holidays, you are sure to share convivial and unforgettable moments. The prices are among the highest in the accommodation market, to be adjusted according to the surface area and the number of rooms desired.

The Vacation Club: In addition to the famous Club Med, many organizations offer all-inclusive packages for your vacation in the snow. Accommodation, meals, ski lessons, loan of equipment, baby club, evenings with entertainment, all you have to do is let yourself be carried away and enjoy all that is offered to you on a tray. Obviously, the cost is not negligible, but it is worth taking a closer look because in principle we have nothing to add to the advertised price.

The Caravaneige: It is not a priori the solution which one envisages in the first place for a stay in the snow. And yet, it is economical, and the equipment of this style of establishment is more and more modern. You will be able to benefit from the services of the caravanning: connection to the electrical sector, showers, washing machine and dryer, games room, ski lockers, etc.


Food for winter sports must be well adapted to physical expenditure and climate. In general, you have much more intense activities in the snow than during the rest of the year, and your body does not need the same calorie intake. So here are some tips to help you eat properly.

Strongpoint, the Breakfast: Very complete and caloric, it must be more copious than usual. Supplement your tea or coffee with orange juice, and take cereals in addition to your usual toast. A dairy will also be welcome, and amateurs can add eggs, fried, scrambled, or omelet according to their preference.

Lunch should replenish the reserves that you have well developed during your morning skiing: starchy foods are therefore strongly recommended: pasta, rice, to accompany your meal and drink a lot, preferably water.

For dinner, don’t hesitate to eat copiously: invigorating and rehydrating soup, meat or fish, cheese, and fresh fruit. Raclette and fondue should be occasional and reserved for festive evenings!

Another point of importance, the small snacks to savor on the slopes in the event of a hit: fill your pockets with dried fruits, possibly cereal bars or energy drinks. And take a snack at the same time as your children, they especially need it during a holiday in the snow!

Finally, don’t forget to hydrate as often as possible.

Mountain gastronomy is one of the factors that make it possible to face the cold: it would therefore be wrong to deprive yourself of the pleasures of the table during your stay in the snow. Here are some more or less famous dishes that will delight your taste buds while providing you with calories.

Cheese is often the basis of mountain recipes, ranging from Beaufort to Comté and Emmental or Munster via Cantal or Tomme de Savoie. Here are a few examples:

Savoyard fondue: a mixture of melted cheese and white wine, it can be enjoyed in a convivial way (immortalized by the film “Les bronzés font du ski”) by dipping a piece of bread in the caquelon using a pick.

Raclette: more melted cheese, but this time with cold meats and potatoes.

Tartiflette: with reblochon, this unique dish in the form of a pie is also made from potatoes, but also onions and bacon. Very complete after a good day of skiing!

Truffade: Approximate equivalent of the tartiflette on the Massif Central side, we find bacon and garlic instead of bacon and onions, and the cheese used is obviously cantal.

Garbure : no cheese in this typical Pyrenean recipe, but a soup made with seasonal vegetables and meats that we have on hand: duck confit, ham, or sausage …

Enough to withstand the extreme cold!


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