A sailboat cruise for Valentine’s Day


On the eve of February 14, the final preparations for Valentine’s Day are in full swing, with the search for the traditional gift to the one we love. Offering a trip to two is a good alternative, with the advantage of often being unanimous within a couple. This year, swap the red rose against a trip by sailboat or catamaran, innovate by going off!

According to an American study, the sea makes you happy. Indeed, just seeing the ocean would provide a sense of well-being. This is due to the mineral salts, negative ions and trace elements that would have an invigorating effect on the body. Imagine the benefits of living on the water for just a few days! On board the boat, take advantage of these moments to discover (or rediscover) and live strong moments, full of thrills and beautiful landscapes with your Valentine.

Here are the top Cruise for Love Birds:

A romantic trip to Belle-Île

His name alone is evocative and romantic. Belle-Île-en-Mer, just 15 kilometers from the coast of Morbihan, is the largest island in Brittany and the second largest on the Atlantic coast after Oléron.

It is famous for its natural and wild appearance, conducive to walks hand in hand, with its many trails, appreciable by bike or on foot. The fauna and flora are very protected and offer a beautiful show, as well as its natural sites and beaches. In addition, the atmosphere of the ports is quite typical of Brittany, while having its own character.

The island offers many activities: apart from cycling and hiking, surfing is an essential leisure activity, as well as swimming, relaxation and various water sports and activities.

Among the must see places for a walk for two, the ideal is to head for the tip of the Foals, the Donnant Beach and Dunes, the wild coast, the port of Sauzon and the sites of Vazen and Port Coton. From the deck of the boat, the panoramas are very wild and make you want to join the land of Belle-Isle with his companion.

The French Riviera for two for a weekend

The second destination of this trip offers a more lenient weather: that of the Côte d’Azur. This region has a rich and diverse heritage at all levels. Whether in terms of culture, gastronomy and nature, the Côte d’Azur is a holiday destination, very popular especially for couples.

With its sun in all seasons and a successful marriage between nature and city life, the Côte d’Azur has many advantages. Marseille-Fos , offers a lively life in its old port, while maintaining an omnipresent nature.

If some cities like Nice or Saint-Tropez are known for their charm and their socialities, the offshore islands, like the Lérins islands, reserve a natural and authentic setting for lovers who come to visit them.

The “must-see” is obviously the Calanques, very valuable aboard a sailboat for a romantic stopover. The cruise will discover inaccessible places on land.

A romantic holiday in the Cyclades

If there was only one romantic destination to remember, the Cyclades would probably win this title hands down.

Santorini is a privileged tourist place for couples who come to admire the panorama, the sunset and the Greek culture. This is one of the reasons that explain its success with honeymooners who came to spend their honeymoon here.

A visit to the Nea Kameni volcano is a must-see, as is the hike between the two main cities Fira and Oia. Nevertheless, one should not only visit Santorini, because many islands of the archipelago deserve to stop there. This is the case of Milos, famous for being the place of discovery of the Venus de Milo.

The Cycladic Islands offer plenty of opportunities for swimming, hiking, diving and beautiful scenery. The best way to visit part of the archipelago is by boat since all the islands are scattered in the Aegean Sea.


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