Reasons You Need an API Integration Platform


The days are long gone, when integration was considered small projects for the IT team. Now, we are seeing huge demand for API integration platform for SaaS (software as a service). Many companies are not just thriving but literally want to survive in this technology-based space where cloud computing and SaaS are growing rapidly. In today’s technology-friendly world, API integration platform is the necessity of many organization. There are a less number of platforms in existence today and companies have many ways to develop new API’s and putting them right in place. There are many reasons that a company need an API platform. Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. Connect cloud applications

Today, there are hundreds of clouds apps in existence that has firmly permeated the organization. According to a survey in 2016, there are nearly around 6 cloud apps in an IT organization. Additionally, around 15% of the companies in the world are filled with Google apps at least count. Therefore, when the situation comes to counting those app, API work as the standard.

  1. To create new API’s easily and quickly

Earlier there were two options to create an API. Firstly, to use what is already available or secondly, you can build it from scratch. Both ways are not quite helpful. Let us assume, and API is available from an outer source then, it will be limited to a certain level in terms of use and functionality. On the other hand, building a new API from scratch is a daunting task. It is a very time and money consuming process. Now, there is one of the most reliable and problem-solving option i.e API integration platform. With just a few clicks, you can create a whole new API using these platforms. This saves a lot of time and money and provides you with fully technology leveraged API.

  1. Compose new apps with ease

People think they need a bunch of developer and designers and a huge team to create and run successful applications. But, this is a myth. Many renowned organization at their starting stages had only a few members but made a huge success. For example, WhatsApp had only 55 members back in 2014 and Instagram only 13 employees when it was purchased by Facebook in 2012. So, there is no need for a bounty of members just needs the right platform to create these apps. Likewise, many popular apps are built on APIs with a blend of previously existing technology. Using the API integration platform, team members can create an app easily and quickly by connecting disparate technologies.

  1. You can get value from existing data sources

In older companies, old data of a few months or a year used to generally end up somewhere in the database no one knew about. Collecting dust and remaining nearly dormant for years. Because earlier it was difficult to access the data integrated into current systems. In this situation having an API integration platform has its benefits. Companies can create their API for internal affairs. Therefore, they are easily accessing old data from older databases and servers. Besides, reuse workflows and logic that are already in use.

  1. For making your team members more strategic

At many organizations where API creation is done as a manual exercise, they at that point need to utilize a group of designers and other IT staff to get everything fully operational. Additionally, venture divisions that need concrete, incorporated stacks regularly contract staff individuals explicitly to deal with a couple of applications.

With an API combination stage set up, not exclusively would that be able to group of engineers center their endeavors somewhere else around vital ventures (state, forming new income creating applications, for example), yet frequently fewer individuals are expected to keep each office beneficial.

Wrapping Up

With an API integration platform at a workplace, an organization can be confident about their capabilities and reach high levels in making profits. These are some reasons why every organization needs API.


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