Racing in Dubai Desert


Dubai – a modern city is not only famous for high-rise buildings but also for luxury shopping centres. Dubai also has a special item that has not been tried yet to reach, which is driving cars across the desert.

However, you cannot drive in the desert and it is mandatory to buy a tour package for it. Some travel companies in Dubai are allowed to bring visitors into the desert and let them enjoy dinner at the Desert Safari Conservation Reserve.

Safari Desert (Desert Arab) is about 40 km south-east of the Omani Islamic Kingdom and only the new Land Cruiser can cross the hot desert sand dunes.

While traveling across the desert, you can experience the thrill of riding on the Land Cruiser, launching on the undulating sand hills but also explore the Middle Eastern culture such as belly dancing and watching the sunset over the desert.

Dubai Ride
Photo: Duong Quan Ha

At 4pm Indian driver arrived at the hotel to pick us up. At this time too, Dubai is still hot. When I asked the people at the hotel, everyone replied that the specialty of Dubai was to ride the Land Cruiser over the sand dunes and feel the heart when flipping up on the car like in the movie Act of Hollywood, just to steer a car is overturned. This game is restrained for people with high blood pressure, heart disease or car sickness because they will vomit immediately after the first few flips.

The road to the desert is quite beautiful with golden sands. Before pressing the gas to actually enter the race, the driver returned to tell people to tighten their seat belts and blinked at the car screaming “Are you ready for the show?”.

The car started to glide gently up and then suddenly down the slope or tilt 40 degrees … we tilted to the left, tilt to the right and then hit the roof when climbing up a steep sand also when straight towards down.

Thereafter, we felt like sitting on wing aircraft. Sometimes the car slowly slows down to let the riders admire the desert while the white-headed antelope is rolling down the car. Thereafter, the car continued to gas station, stirred up on the sand and started racing again, climbed onto the sand dunes and dive straight down. There were sand dunes all over which gave the feeling as if the car is about to roll over.

Dubai Sand Drive
Photo: Duong Quan Ha

Racing for about 30 minutes, the group stopped at a sand dune to watch the sunset. While walking on the smooth sand and waiting for the sun to melt down. Slowly and steadily, it lost in the sand dunes which made the moment truly invigorating.

After watching the sunset, we were all set to ride the camels all around the desert. Each successive camel caravan reminded me of what was read about the camel caravans riding on the famous Silk Road.

Desert Dubai tour ends with a hearty dinner with barbecue, goat’s milk, dates and many other specialties. Especially the vibrant belly dance of the professional dancers truly made the day.


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