Pregnancy and Your Dental Health

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Pregnancy is a stage of great care because two lives are under visualization: that of the mother and that of the baby. However, the dental aspect must also be supervised.

If you are pregnant, you will surely know that maintaining contact with specialists is essential for the development of the baby in optimal conditions.

Frequently asked questions about dental health during pregnancy:

However, many times you miss the fact that the dentist must also be aware of the development of a pregnancy, which is important for you and your child.

For this reason, we have decided to answer some frequently asked questions about dental health during pregnancy.

Is it necessary to visit the dentist during the gestation period?

The definitive answer is yes. We know that many times you do not consider this aspect because you focus on the other specialists.

But still, you must attend the dentist. This is due, first of all, to the number of chemical changes that occur in the body when a baby is in gestation.

Hormones are some of the most varied in terms of their levels. This can cause various consequences in the dental area, such as bleeding gums or weak teeth.

To avoid this, we recommend you visit the nearest dentist at least once in each trimester of pregnancy.

Is dental care very important during pregnancy?

As we mentioned before, many changes are present during pregnancy, so you must take care that oral health is in order.

Hence the importance of keeping a medical check in this regard. In addition, several investigations have yielded a relationship between gum health and the outcome of childbirth.

For this reason, the healthier your gums and your teeth are in general, the less risk of complications you will have when you are going to give birth.

Can dental treatments bring risks during pregnancy?

Another question you will surely ask yourself is whether dental treatments can have consequences in the development of a pregnancy, either for the baby or for you.

The answer is relative. It will depend on what the dental clinic wants to do in your mouth. However, in general, we tell you that dental treatments should not affect pregnancy.

It is possible, however, that there are certain exceptions to this point. One of them is related to amalgam fillings, as we do not recommend removing the ones you have or placing new ones during pregnancy.

To get out of doubt, you should consult with your private doctor any questions you have about it.

Can I have dental x-rays during pregnancy?

X-rays, as you may know, are not 100% recommended during pregnancy because X-ray emission can affect the baby.

However, dentists are the exception because the radiation emitted during their studies is very low so it has no negative effect at any stage of life, including these months of gestation.

Even during a root canal that requires several x-rays, you will not run any risk and neither will the baby.

Is bleeding gums normal?

One of the things that are usually very common during pregnancy is the change in the gums. Many times they can become inflamed and even start to bleed.

Earlier we mentioned that hormonal changes can manifest in this way, with the gums being one of the most delicate parts of the mouth.

To prevent bleeding in this area from happening, it will be necessary for you to visit the dentist, as he will surely give you some solution to this problem.

Do I need Dental Insurance during pregnancy?

This question is one of the most important. Having a Dental Insurance is essential at all stages of life, with pregnancy being one of the most particular.

As we have mentioned throughout this article, care during the gestation period is elementary so that everything comes to a happy end.

It is necessary that you have a Dental Insurance that covers any unforeseen events that may occur in the dental area. Prevention is essential in any aspect of life.

Although, we must say that it is not only about responding to emergencies, but also about being able to economically cover the expenses that dental appointments entail.

This should also happen with any medication or treatment that the dentist considers necessary to take care of your dental health.

Dental Insurance is also important for the baby:

Although the gestation period deserves the greatest number of care, at the time of the baby’s birth it is also necessary to have Dental Insurance.

From the first moment you take your baby to an appointment with the dentist, you should make sure that you have a policy that covers what control with this specialist may entail.

Now that you know, you only have to look for an insurance agency that can respond to any eventuality that occurs in the dental area during pregnancy.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to take the dentist appointment.



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