Popular Agricultural tourist Spots in Taiwan

Autumn in Taiwan

From a small island, Taiwan has grown at an incredible rate in the 1990s and continues to this day. In addition, the land also has beautiful rural scenery, friendly people, colorful cultural traditions. Visitors can find many resorts that combine relaxation and agriculture.

Taipei is the first stop that most travelers visit. This is where there are many activities to have fun for a few days. If you book accommodations in Taipei but want to stay away from crowded cities, go to Yangmingshan National Park or Beitou Hot Springs to relax.

Yangmingshan National Park
Yangmingshan National Park : Photo : MyLittleAdventure

Northern Taiwan also has many rural areas to explore such as Guanyinshan along the coastline with beautiful waterfalls like Shifen. The nearby town of Jiufen is also an ideal choice to enjoy. Another natural site in northern Taiwan is the Yilan Coast stretching for hundreds of kilometers. Tourists Climbing from Northern part to the Shei-pa National Park in southwestern Taipei not only for adventure but also for many holiday resorts to choose.

This area mainly focuses on activities in Taichung – a vibrant and bustling city. The east has the large mountains, located near the famous Japanese lake, the local ethnic still preserve the traditional characteristics. Visitors can explore Chung Tai Chan Monastery which is not far from the lake.

Yushan National Park
Yushan National Park – Photo : Wild Side

The Alishan Mountain Scenic Area and Yushan National Park are also the most spectacular natural scenery in central Taiwan. In Alishan there is the Tsou tribe, which is a worth place to visit and know the culture and tradition of the tribe, while Mount Yushan is reputed to be the tallest in Taiwan (3,952 m).


Taiwan’s easternmost regions are not so fast growing, so they retain many natural scenes like Hualien with many ethnic villages. Taroko Gorge is a must-visit place with a national park with wild beauty that attracts visitors. The East Rift Valley is also worth a visit, as you can take part in many hiking, rock climbing, hot springs … in Ludao or Taitung with its beautiful beaches. Many tourists prefer to go to the east by enjoying the outdoor activities as well as the type of resort combined agricultural tourism.

Taitung Beach
Taitung Beach – Photo : Goasiaplus


The southern region has a tropical climate, fertile land and lush greenery that are not only ideal for agricultural tourism but also for many beautiful beaches. This is also the place to preserve Taiwan’s best local culture with many traditional festivals.

The two largest cities in the south are Kaohsiung and Tainan. Kaohsiung is a crowded port city, while Tainan is the old capital with many historical features. A prominent outdoor spot is Kenting National Park, where visitors can stay at separate resorts and can enjoy hiking or swimming.

The southern east coast of Taiwan as seen from Kenting National Park.
The southern east coast of Taiwan as seen from Kenting National Park – Photo : Neil Wade Photography

The 2018 Taiwan Youth Agriculture Ambassador’s delegation program brings together 30 of the most representative youths among more than 200 applicants from all over Taiwan to host the exchange program in Vietnam and Malaysia. In Vietnam, the program will take place from August 27 to September 1.

During the visit to Vietnam, the delegation held a seminar on the situation of agricultural development in Vietnam and Taiwan, introduced the achievements, the model of agricultural development, the mechanism of production and consumption of agricultural products. Some Taiwanese agricultural products are also featured on the occasion.


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